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Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Technology solutions to help businesses flourish.

We have successfully completed numerous projects and developed a number of partnerships with market leaders, who highly appreciated our technical competencies and the ability to well understand their business needs as well as translate them into quality services.

Our Success Stories

Mobile applications

An invite-only mobile application for iOS and Android. The aim of the Application is to provide the guidelines to a user while being inside an Adobe building.

Mobile Application

NURVV Run system uses pressure insoles and motion sensors to measure the most important aspects of your running technique right from your feet.


EAlarmGPS™ is the World's First (and standalone) Smart Emergency Alarm, Patented by B A S U® Magic™, Technology which uses Built-in Connectivity and GPS.


House of Marley’ new app will allow you to connect all your speakers via Bluetooth and customize your music experience.

House of Marley

Drift is our groundbreaking ASMR device designed to help you find tranquility and balance.

Web Application

Utah Tech Labs has developed a learning management solution for BMI School to run their full institution's functions.

Mobile Application

An US-based trusted real-world mobility solution developed by Utah Tech Labs. We worked with precision on tracking and battery use optimization to create pure value.

Amber Alert
Web Application

Eptisa is a web-based employee management system which offers various features.

Web Application

Foodjets is an American franchising platform for online food delivery which was launched in 1993 and is based in Sacramento.

Web Application

Utah Tech Labs helped one of the largest grocery store chains in North America with a comprehensive software solution for better management of their cloud environment.

Save a Lot
Cloud Service Management

UTL helped the company to discover its entire infrastructure automatically; offering complete visibility across servers within less time.

Delivery Management

Utah Tech Labs has created an app for Lithuania based logistics and carrier service providers to monitor the real-time activities of drivers and assure smart and timely delivery.

Delivery Management

Elevating Expectations for Food Delivery. A big project delivered toCrave Delivery, a US-based company.

Crave Delivery

Utah Tech Labs got an interesting project by a US-based company for creating an eCommerce website for their private label drop shipping business for health supplements.


Utah Tech Labs helped transform a Lithuania based business that was into selling and delivering fruit plants and garden goods into an online plant and nursery product selling company.


Introducing the Smart Track and Notify system, a revolutionary approach to the industry-wide problem of lost and stolen packages.


Introducing the Smart Water Filter Sensing System, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way we ensure clean and safe drinking water.

Industrial Services

Credit underwriting solution for a big industrial and lending services provider, wishing to move away from business rules to risk-based decisions

Tosh Inc

Take the infection under control and save the city on your iOS or Android. An award-winning arcade game by Utah Tech Labs.

Cure Commando

Aquarium wars is a fast-paced arcade game where you play as a hungry piranha and try to eat as many fish as you can while avoiding the sharks that want to snack on you.

Aquarium Wars

Prepare to become the guardian of your town hall, the last bastion of hope against relentless waves of enemies. But fear not, brave adventurer, for you are not alone!

Phantom Town

Makeover Plus allows its users to try any hair or grooming style with just a picture of their face.

Makeover plus

Help Dot reach its goal by programming its every move.


An ultimate camel racing experience.


Daily Doubloons application is specially tailored for small and large businesses to advertise and promote their products, services or attractions in a fun and interactive way.

Daily Doubleloons
International logistics

Multiple web applications that help to receive, hold, ship and return packages between USA and Canada with ease.

Broad Reach

Instant food delivery and logistics. Food and grocery delivery website for the US market that connects their stores with customers and handles the process of taking orders and product delivery.

VR Game

A custom ready-to-deploy Virtual World that allows users to log in with their unique characters (avatars), buy and sell NFTs, host art exhibitions and other public events.

Security services

Comprehensive child safety on school buses as per Enforcement.

School Child Safety System
Industrial and apartment security

The project that has greatly increased the sense of responsibility of the guards making their management easier.

Guard Patrol Monitoring
IoT, M2M background

Nowadays, innovative solutions are commonplace, with an extensive range of parking payment machines and options that allow customers to make transactions quickly and conveniently.

Touchscreen Parking Kiosk

Our bright project in data acquisition system for medical devices.

Data Acquisition System

IoT for managing keyless locks.

Keyless Smart Locks

RFD helps clients design, purchase, develop and implement the optimal technology solution to achieve their business goals.

Active Tags and Solutions

IoT development for wearable devices.

Wearable Watch

End to end development of Data Acquisition System for medical electronics application.

Multichannel ECG
Parking and transportation

Stress Free parking

Park’N Fly


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We offer assistance to businesses of various sizes from start-ups to small businesses and big enterprises. We have been expanding our client ecosystem around the globe.