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Case Study


An outstanding project done at Utah Tech Labs for B A S U® Magic™. The task was to create a configuration setting for their eAlarm device and a mobile application alternative.

Client's Background

Industry type: Mobile Technology

Key Products & Services: Emergency products

Geography of Operations: USA


EAlarmGPS™ is the World's First (and standalone) Smart Emergency Alarm, Patented by B A S U® Magic™, Technology which uses Built-in Connectivity and GPS. The company had been present in the market of eAlarm and safety devices for years, when they realized that the demand for their product was higher than their production possibilities. They started to search for a mobile alternative to their physical eAlarm product and entrusted the task to Utah Tech Labs.


First, Utah Tech Labs professionals have developed the configuration setting for their eAlarm device. Each user must go through an advanced and secure registration process where they are asked to configure their devices with the system using PIN codes and emergency numbers. All these services are implemented on AWS while using Aurora database. Then, an advanced mobile application solution was developed.

The features and functionalities

A great alternative to legendary physical BASU eAlarm devices

24/7 peace of mind onto the smart phone.

S.O.S activation

Contacting the nearest police office and emergency centers to provide the fastest help.

Contacting family members

In case of emergency the mobile application will send a signal to call up to 5 family members or closest people and notify them right away.

Wide availability

The mobile application can be downloaded and used by an unlimited number of people without being depending on the physical production.

Business Impact

Thanks to the alternative mobile app solution, BASU has been able to manage the rapidly increasing demand for their services. Furthermore, the company reports about an increased functionality and security, which makes BASU an undisputed leader in the market.

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