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Together, we can accomplish more.

Join the Utah Tech Labs Partner Program today! Sign in to access exclusive benefits, or explore the advantages of becoming a valued partner.

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This is a great opportunity for you to start earning extra by offering our services to your customers or your organization.

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What services do we provide?

  • IoT prototyping & limited-volume production
  • Mobile, and cloud custom application development
  • Pest control software
  • Logistics software
  • AI & machine learning

Our Successful Partners Include:

  • IT Professionals and Consultants
  • ISV's - Independent SoftwareVendors
  • VAR's - Value Added Resellers
  • DMA - Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Business Coaches & Consultants
  • UI/UX Companies

Who it is for?

Working professionals

If you are a working professional and you see technology can solve a problem in your workplace, feel free to engage us and refer to your boss. By referring us, you can solve the problem, become a champion inside your organization, and build an income stream. Contact us to learn more about how much you can earn just by referring us and when your company starts using our services.

Small businesses

If you are a small business and want to increase your service offering to your customer, this is your opportunity. You can choose the services mentioned above and earn a monthly commission when one of your customers starts using the services. Contact us to learn more about how much you can earn.


If you are an investor, invested in a startup, or in an idea, by recommending our services to the startup you can start getting some portion of your money back and reduce your risk on investment. Contact us to learn more about how that works.

How does it work?

The process is very simple. You simply go through our partner onboarding form by clicking here

Become A Partner

One of our Partner Success Managers will reach out and walk you through our on-boarding process and answer any questions you may have.

We'll walk you through our services and base prices. We would also like to know a little more about your business and how we can work together. We will provide you with all necessary brochures and information to set you up for success.

Discover how we can collaborate to achieve more.

With a partner you can rely on, you can build swiftly, scale growth, sell globally, and stand out thanks to the Utah Tech Labs Partner Program. Whatever be the goals, we'll assist you in achieving them.

Join Forces with Us

No matter if you're involved in software development, service provision, or device manufacturing, leverage our technology and cloud investments to accelerate the delivery of successful solutions to customers.

Be market ready

Increase the demand for your solutions, seize additional consumer prospects, and quicken your growth by gaining access to advantages and resources.

Grow with Utah Tech Labs

With the assistance of our domain experience, create partner-to-partner sales channels, and making use of sales tools and resources, you can influence customer purchases as you sell.

Stand out

Showcase your proven abilities to customers in high-demand areas with solutions created by experts to provide the best for them.

Why join as a partner with UTL?

Expand your customer base and quicken your company's expansion.

The Utah Tech Labs Partner Program is a global network of partners, services, and tools created to provide your firm with all the resources it needs to develop and deliver effective business solutions.

How do I start the journey?

Join the UTL Partner Program to be a part of a global community dedicated to the success and progress of the customers. Here is how to start.

Fill up your details

Click on "Become a partner" to access a form where you can provide essential details about yourself and other details.

Become A Partner

Add your company details

Please provide your organization's name, phone number and point of contact, as per the fields requirement / options to move to the next step.

Become A Partner

Submit all the details

Maximize customer purchasing by leveraging the Utah Tech Labs technology partner program via this onboarding process. Charm awaits!

Become A Partner

Explore program highlights

Once you've enrolled as a Utah Tech Labs Technology Partner Program member and leveraged benefits, keep growing with programs and resources that can help your organization build, sell, and go to market.

Are you an independent software vendor (ISV) or digital marketing provider?

Utah Tech Labs (UTL) Technology partner program is tailored to meet the needs of third-party sellers, independent software vendors, digital marketing companies, and UI/UX agencies.

Here are some key features of our partner program:

  • Best commission rates: We offer competitive commission rates that reward you for bringing in new business.
  • Deal Registration and Price Protection: You are guaranteed exclusive support and special pricing on every opportunity you bring to us!
  • Customized pricing: We can work with you to develop custom pricing plans that meet the unique needs of your clients.
  • Marketing support: We provide marketing materials and resources to help you promote our products and services to your clients.
  • Sales support: Our sales team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have about our products and services.
  • Training and certification: We offer training and certification programs to help you and your team become experts on our products and services.
  • Partner portal: Our partner portal provides you with access to valuable resources, including marketing materials, training resources, and support documentation.

By joining our partner program, you will be able to offer your clients cutting-edge software solutions while generating new revenue streams for your business. Our team is committed to helping our partners succeed, and we will work closely with you to ensure that you have the resources and support you need to thrive in this partnership.

Reach new business heights

Utah Tech Labs empowers you with tools and assistance to deliver game-changing solutions for our mutual clients. Whether you're a beginner crafting your debut app, tackling intricate integrations, or venturing into new service offerings, we provide avenues to foster innovation, expansion, and distinctiveness for your enterprise.

Service-providing partners

Gaining comprehensive insights for determining product structure and features is vital. Thus, we initiate the process by focusing on business objectives, conducting user interviews, and analyzing competitors. The outcome is a comprehensive document encompassing wireframes, behavior descriptions, references, and estimated timelines.

Scalable software solutions

Regardless of your company's size or growth stage, we prioritize and invest in providing independent software providers (ISVs) with clear and actionable paths through our UTL partner program. This program enables ISVs to build upon their goals, develop innovative solutions, scale their market reach, refine their skills, and more.

Join the Utah Tech Labs Technology Partner Program

Become a member of the Utah Tech Labs Technology Partner Program, where you can join for free and unlock exclusive tools, benefits, and resources to impress customers and fuel your business expansion.

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