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Computer Vision Solution

A cutting-edge AI platform for video content analysis (VCA)

Computer Vision Solution : AI-Powered Video Analysis.

Witness the evolution: Ordinary IP cameras upgraded to genius surveillance with Artificial Intelligence.

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Revolutionising Surveillance and monitoring with AI

Computer Vision Solution offers real-time object and event detection powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, giving users access to their video surveillance footage for previously unheard-of levels of insight. Providing real-time surveillance and monitoring solutions for a variety of business purposes, including optimizing operations, enhancing security, managing crowds in events and reducing losses. It does this by utilizing pre-made AI algorithms.

AI-Powered Video Analysis. Detect, Track & Count


Real-time alerts

Customized information

Accurate Reports

Detects, Tracks & Counts




Benefits for your company

Optimize operations

Detect, track and count products, cartoons, packages, assets in factories, warehouses, on/off-loading areas etc. Detect defective products, machinery in the production line and automate quality monitoring. Detect and count humans, animals and other objects with 100% accuracy and get reports in real-time.

Enhance security

Real-time detection of suspicious activity, including fighting, loitering, and vandalism, enables prompt intervention. Keep your factories, retail stores, and other properties safe from unauthorized access during off-peak hours.

Manage employees

Keep track of the quantity of people, cars, and genders present at a public event or big gathering. Use AI monitoring to find suspicious activity, crowd density, and many other things. Locate a worker using face recognition in a sizable factory. Keep an eye on employee behavior to ensure productivity and security compliances.

Reduce losses

Reduce losses and safeguard valuable possessions by spotting abandoned bags, illegal access, and possible theft attempts.

Industry applications

Manufacturing & Logistics

Detection, tracking and counting

Our sophisticated system performs exceptionally well at accurate counting in a variety of scenarios, whether counting goods, parcels, employees, or people, our technology guarantees precise counts instantly.

  • Maximizes efficiency in inventory management by accurately tallying products in loading and dispatching zones.
  • Enables seamless counting of bags and luggage, even in bustling environments such as hotels or airports.
  • Offers high accuracy regardless of the size of objects or complexity of the use case.

Defect detection

Use AI to make sure that every product is of the highest caliber in order to protect the reputation of your company.

  • From small products to large machines, our AI system enables monitoring and inspection across a wide range of items.
  • The AI can be trained with your unique products, enhancing its accuracy and effectiveness in defect detection.
  • We ensure the provision of stable camera setups and high-resolution imaging capabilities to facilitate accurate inspections.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) monitoring

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential in many workplaces to guarantee employee safety. However, improper or absent PPE wear can lead to safety violations that go unnoticed, possible injuries, and even fatalities.

  • Issues alerts promptly upon detecting any anomalies, enabling proactive intervention and resolution.
  • Provides employers with comprehensive oversight, ensuring adherence to operational standards and policies.
  • Tailorable to specific organizational requirements, allowing for the adjustment of monitoring parameters to suit diverse workplace environments.

Fire detection

Our system uses cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable surveillance and is excellent at spotting fires from a distance.

  • Utilizes high-resolution cameras to identify sparking incidents in addition to detecting fires, enhancing overall accuracy.
  • Reduces potential risks associated with fire incidents by providing early detection and notification.
  • Offers an all-inclusive solution to support safety precautions, enhancing overall safety measures within the environment.

Instill confidence in our technology to preemptively identify fires and sparking incidents, providing peace of mind and proactive safety measures.

Loitering detection

Trained for maximum sensitivity, the system detects irregularities or unanticipated presence in a predefined region with ease.

  • Sends immediate alerts upon detecting any deviation from established norms, ensuring swift response to potential security threats.
  • Guarantees efficient handling of security incidents, safeguarding against potential breaches and ensuring the safety of the environment.
  • Establishes clear boundaries for routine activities to maintain security standards.

Weapon detection

In today's security-conscious world, Computer Vision Solution stands at the forefront of weapon detection technology.

  • Detects a range of threats, including knives, firearms, and other weapons, both overt and hidden.
  • Contributes to enhanced public safety in diverse locations such as schools, airports, event spaces, and public transportation hubs.
  • By identifying threats in real-time, Computer Vision Solution plays a crucial role in preventing crises and maintaining security in various environments.

Vehicle tracking

Use our technology to improve overall security measures at your facility's gates by efficiently managing and monitoring vehicle access.

  • Utilizes license plate scanning technology to enhance identification and monitoring capabilities.
  • Generates detailed reports on vehicle movements at factory gates, parking lots, streets, or designated zones.
  • Counts various types of vehicles and tracks their movements to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Store traffic optimization

  • Utilizes AI-generated data to accurately measure foot traffic within specified areas.
  • Helps identify peak hours to facilitate efficient staffing and resource management, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Knowledge of customer behavior and traffic patterns opens up opportunities for optimization in store layout, product placement, and staffing allocation.
  • Further investigation provides path data, revealing popular customer routes and store locations.

Drive-thru optimization

Our cutting-edge system effortlessly monitors drive-thru vehicle lines in real time, forecasting peak hours through the analysis of past data to facilitate effective staffing changes.

  • Tracks traffic patterns to identify congestion and obstructions, facilitating smooth operation.
  • Data-driven insights lead to improved client satisfaction by minimizing wait times and enhancing overall experience.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction promotes recurring business and fosters loyalty among clients.

Quality and Hygiene monitoring

A complete picture of food preparation and kitchen conditions can be obtained by surveilling videos in real time.

  • Monitors both staff activities and kitchen appliances in real-time to ensure optimal functionality.
  • By addressing appliance issues promptly, the system ensures uninterrupted workflow and improves overall operational efficiency.
  • Identifies signs of wear or malfunctions in kitchen appliances, enabling prompt maintenance to prevent downtime or accidents.
  • Tracks staff compliance with hand-washing and hygiene practices.

It's effortless to unlock your AI surveillance potential with us

We have developed a method that guarantees you will receive the best outcome, requiring just three weeks from installation to achieve 98% accuracy readings.

Easy and quick installation

To reach Full Surveillance potential


Installing software

Installing and configuring the software is quick, and all licenses are handled centrally. It includes an AI algorithm that has been trained for common events.


Customizing for your needs

Your needs and preferences can be tailored with the AI application. By establishing guidelines or goals on the website, the algorithm will be trained to identify and report relevant data more accurately.


AI algorithm training

The algorithm will take a maximum of two to three weeks to reach 98% accuracy after everything is set up. But until then, it will already be operating smoothly.


Enjoy Computer Vision Solution

That’s all it takes to get a precise and dependable surveillance system with simple adjustments for when your needs change.

Why Choose Computer Vision Solution?

Upgrade your security and safety system with Computer Vision Solution and take a step into the future. Countless establishments have already placed their trust in our technology.

Alerts in real time via mobile app

Get real-time alerts on any irregularities or suspicious activity, along with a brief video clip. The video clip allows for immediate investigation and prompt action by identifying and pinpointing events as they happen.

AI monitoring replaces manual monitoring

The days of having to sift through hours of boring footage are long gone. With its extensive feature set, Computer Vision Solution fully utilized AI to provide next-generation video surveillance.

Find incidents that are important to you.

Tell us about the incidents that occur in factories, warehouses, and other places where you work. To find the incidents that are important to you, we will train our AI platform and create a specialized AI algorithm.

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Revolutionizing Surveillance with AI-Powered Video Analysis

In today's fast-paced world, the need for vigilant and efficient surveillance has never been greater. Whether it's a bustling airport, a packed shopping mall, a quiet hospital corridor, or a corporate office, ensuring safety and security is paramount.

Real-Time Detection for Immediate Response

With Computer Vision Solution's cutting-edge AI-Powered Video Analysis, gone are the days of manually scouring hours of footage. Our system provides:

  • Immediate Alerts: Receive notifications for any anomalies or suspicious activities.
  • Accurate Identification: Distinguish between vehicles, people, and other objects effortlessly.
  • Fast Tracking: Follow subjects in real-time, never losing sight even in crowded environments.

Versatility Across Various Environments

Our technology is designed for adaptability. Computer Vision Solution seamlessly integrates into various settings:

  • Airports: Enhance security measures by monitoring vast areas, busy terminals, and secluded runways. Real-time detection ensures threats are identified promptly, allowing for swift action.
  • Malls: With numerous entry and exit points, and a myriad of activities happening simultaneously, Computer Vision Solution ensures shoplifters, lost children, or any irregularities don't go unnoticed.
  • Hospitals: Ensure patient safety and security. From monitoring restricted areas to ensuring patient well-being, stay a step ahead with real-time notifications.
  • Offices: Keep an eye on entry and exit points, parking lots, and critical infrastructure areas. Ensure the safety of your staff and assets.

Why Choose Computer Vision Solution?

Transform your surveillance system with Computer Vision Solution and step into the future of safety and security. Join the thousands of establishments trusting in our technology.

  • State-of-the-art Algorithms: Receive notifications for any anomalies or suspicious activities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily set up, monitor, and review footage without any specialized training.
  • Data Privacy Assured: We prioritize your security. All data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring utmost confidentiality.

Industry applications

Revolutionizing Surveillance with AI-Powered Video Analysis

  • Product tracking, counting & report generation.
  • Early fire and smoke detection
  • Defect detection and product movement monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking, counting & license place reading.
  • Early fire & smoke detection
  • Abandoned bag detection
  • Long queue detection & counting
  • Fighting & vandalism detection
Supply Chain
Retail & Shopping Malls
Warehouse monitoring