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  • Fleets Manager

    For businesses to improve their delivery efficiency. A powerful compliance monitoring and delivery management solution with route optimization and real-time tracking.

    • Powerful dashboard to stay on top of drivers and deliveries
    • Realtime tracking of drivers
    • Manual and auto-assignment of tasks
    • Multiple delivery partner management
    • Delivery partners login and their dedicated dashboard
    • Proof of delivery for customer satisfaction
    • Realtime reporting

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  • What We Have For You

    A fully customizable future-ready mobile app for your fleeting business.

    • Dispatch Management
      Automate dispatch, delivery, and tracking.
    • Admin panel
      From a single dashboard manage all your employees.
    • GPS Tracking
      With real-time tracking, know about work updates and progress.
    • Delivery Record Management
      Keep all records in one place.
    • Routing
      With powerful GPS based tools make your workforce more productive.
    • Delivery partner management
      Add, edit and remove unlimited delivery partners. Delivery partners get their own login and dashboard as well.
    • Mobile optimized
      With mobile configuration, it can be used in any kind of mobile device.
    • Customizable
      We offer a perfect solution to meet your needs and this can also be customized to suit your extras.
    • Drivers mobile app
      Drivers get their own mobile app for convenience of their daily operation. They can see their tasks from there.
    • Push notifications
      Engage with your other users with targeted push notifications on their smartphones.
    • Notification for customers
      From dispatch to delivery customers receive multiple notifications based on notification settings.

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  • Who Can Use Fleets Manager?

    The following businesses can improve their delivery efficiency.

    • Retailers
    • Logistic providers
    • Restaurants
    • Grocery
    • Field service
    • Healthcare
    • Distributors
    • Post and parcel

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  • Why To Choose Us ?

    Reasons that set us apart from competitors.

    • A team of experts
      Our team of all-star performers is the core in our journey as a start-up to become a leading business solution provider.
    • We are multidisciplinary
      UTL design a wide array of innovative solutions to help grow your business.
    • Proven track record
      We are a company with a proven track record.

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