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Metaverse development

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MetaverseCreating next generation virtual world

We are ready to change industries worldwide by bringing them into Metaverse. Boost user experience by creating a digital world that uses Augmented and Virtual reality to create digital assets with the Blockchain technology. Discover the rich opportunities granted by the immersive technology and make your crucial move towards the new era with us. Our team can enable your business into the new digital interactive world.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a shared and immersive virtual world in which players, usually represented by unique characters, called avatars, can interact with each other, build experiences, create in-world objects, landscapes, cities and much more. Metaverses typically have their own intrinsic economies and cryptocurrencies, which users can buy, sell, while also trading everything – from digital real estate to avatar accessories. The changes that Metaverse is expected to bring are definitely far-reaching, it is expected to hit nearly $42 billion globally by 2026.

Why is it beneficial ?

It is scalable

Metaverse’s modular framework allows connecting dapps (decentralized applications), services, and independent blockchains to exchange data, perform transactions at low costs, and run cross-chain operations profitably.

It is interactive

This is not like regular web application. Its your presence in a new world where you can interact, buy, sell, walk, run and see like real world.

It is secured

Avoid hacker attacks with the Proof-of-Work security algorithm. This is where the whole network validates each block generated, while the mining reward is distributed among stakeholders.

It is supported

Metaverse smart contracts compatible across various chains help automate and secure every operation.

It is diverse

With Metaverse it is easy to be ahead and bring innovation! Whether it is a new NFT product or blockchain-based NFT marketplace — there is space for your every idea.

Discover the diversity of Metaverse use cases

With the growing telecommuting trend, more people rely on virtual spaces and digital modes of communication to socialize and interact online. Metaverse brings a range of real-world capabilities across numerous industries in a 3D immersive world.

  • Virtual business
  • Art galleries
  • Travel
  • Virtual land
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Medical services
  • Social media
  • Fashion
  • Virtual Hubs
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Technological Stack

The technology stack for building Metaverse is a combinatorial power of existing enabler technologies like IoT, Cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain Ledger, Digital Twins, AR/VR and the newest assets, standards, and tooling.

Distributed Cloud/Decentralised Cloud

Provides scalable backbone for Metaverse.

Digital Assets/Digital Content Lifecycle

Provides repository for any digital asset/entity and lifecycle management.

Blockchain Ledger

Decentralized Public Ledger for digital tokens

IoT Platform/Digital Twins

IoT Scalable Platform and Digital Twins for any entity.

Immersive Platform AR/VR

Virtual Immersive platforms and representations for driving AR/VR at scale.

AI/Intelligence Platform

Various vertical focused AI agents provide intelligence for virtual entities


Immersive apps, decentralized apps, and collaboration apps.

Digital Metaverse tools

application leveraging the Metaverse stack to provide hybrid solutions.

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Our Metaverse Services

Metaverse is Universal

Blockchain consulting

We help our clients create innovative, reliable and sustainable ecosystems for their businesses, driving enterprise-wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks and building meaningful commercial/incentive models across industries.

XR consulting

XR solutions can reduce costs, increase revenue, productivity, and improve customer experience. XR consulting is all about creative outcomes.

Digital Twin Services

Connect the Physical and Virtual World. Synchronize work, gain greater visibility, and make sense of the right data at the right time across the lifecycle of your assets.

5G and Metaverse services

5G is unlocking experiences of the future like AR, VR, Connected Devices, Telemedicine, and Connected Buildings in Smart Cities. We help enterprises adopt SDN and 5G to generate new revenue streams.

Sustainability services

We aim at delivering environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Together with our clients we understand, design and implement purposeful, reliable and profitable sustainability solutions.

Unified communication services

Real-time unified access to interactions, through the integration of multiple communication platforms, and seamless user experience. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) Services bring end-to-end, flexible, and cost-effective collaboration technology solutions which enable digital workplaces for global companies.

Media services

Our media services facilitate creative collaboration, enable production, and monetize customer relationships. The intelligent media and metadata management framework uses smart workflows and incorporates ML and AI technologies, which are used to create and manage content metadata and optimize workflows across various business functions.

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Why choose us for Metaverse development

The technology stack for building Metaverse is a combinatorial power of existing enabler technologies like IoT, Cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain Ledger, Digital Twins, AR/VR and the newest assets, standards, and tooling.

Deep expertise

We know you need experts who understand business, not just the code.

Rich skill base

Our big team of professional developers and experienced project managers bring their knowledge and skills together for you.

We focus on you

We start with what you need, expect, and desire, then identify the right tools.

We constantly learn

Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We have learned a lot from our experience and continue to improve our skills each day.

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3D Virtual Environment

We have built a custom ready-to-deploy Virtual World to allow users to log in with their unique characters (avatars), buy and sell NFTs, host art exhibitions and other public events. The platform offers seamless options for both technical and non-technical users.

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