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  • ServerDetail

    For organizations and businesses to easily manage the operational aspects of your applications and services. With our cloud service management software, you can monitor all the activities within your organization without the need for a system administrator or AWS expert.

    • Optimize your digital transformation with a software.
    • Implement and manage robust cloud environments in a time-effective manner.
    • Simplify complexity.
    • Manage multiple clouds.
    • Increase your operational efficiency.
    • Build a complete, security-rich solution that adds value to your business or organization.
    • With full automation, control costs.

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  • What We Have For You

    A fully customizable on-demand cloud management software for your business or organization.

    • Powerful dashboard
      With a single powerful dashboard, you can monitor the entire server's health.
    • User friendly
      You don’t have to be technically an expert to understand the server health as we listed benchmark data with every report.
    • Smart notifications
      When you want to know about any necessary event, designated people will get notified through SMS and emails.
    • Cost control
      ServerDetail exposes every single component in your server that costs you money. You can decide on how to reduce the cost.
    • RDS health
      You can also monitor RDS health and any spike in the database through the tool.
    • Web and Mobile App
      We provide an iOS app and web access to monitor the server. You will get web alerts, SMS alerts, and push notifications, from time to time.

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  • Essential Features of On ServerDetail Software

    We provide a fully customized tool to meet your business needs.

    • Easy onboarding, fast adoption.
    • ServerDetail software can be deployed in 24 hours.
    • A quick training video that clarifies queries.
    • Quick reporting dashboard
    • Real-time automated reporting on your most important metrics.
    • Get alerts on email and phone on all critical events that matter.

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  • Why To Choose Us ?

    Reasons that set us apart from competitors.

    • A team of experts
      Our team of all-star performers is the core in our journey as a start-up to become a leading business solution provider.
    • We are multidisciplinary
      UTL design a wide array of innovative solutions to help grow your business.
    • Proven track record
      We are a company with a proven track record.

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