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of executives have started Digital Supply Chain Transformation In Europe and North America.

Supply-chain visibility solution

Experience the future of IoT connectivity with
our BLE-to-Cloud Communication as a Service.

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Asset Tracking Device Tracking

Our Supply Chain Solutions


Condition Monitoring


Supply Chain Visibility


Process Optimization


Inventory Management


Last Mile Delivery


Data Visualization & Analytics

Pervasive IoT, Made Easy

Our Supply Chain Solution Delivers

Real-time visibility & alerts

Seamless, unlimited, and accurate data transmission

Centralized data

Data security

Hardware agnostic software solution

Faster ROI and Pay-as-you-go

Enterprise Visibility

  • Global Software Deployment through Luna XIO cloud Network
  • Centrally Managed to minimize long term expenses
  • Single point of truth for all tracked assests & shipments
  • Data security
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Commercial Offerings

Open communications network creates synergies


  • Device Software
  • Routing Service
  • Gateway Software
  • APIs


  • Fleet Management
  • Sensor Data Monitoring
  • Location Services

Managed Services

How we do it: The Technology

Device Compatibility and Security

Equip IoT devices with Software Development Kits (SDKs) to enhance functionality.

Utilize cloud-based encryption to secure device-to-device and device-to-network communications.

Offer compatibility with any device equipped with Bluetooth.

Neutral, Versatile Gateway Infrastructure

Allow any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device connected to the network to function as a gateway.

Feature gateways that are vendor-neutral and automatically establish connections with devices enabled by our solutions.

Maintain a ubiquitous network that ensures seamless, boundless, and reliable communication.

Network Routing Services

Hosted network services are integral components of our solution architecture.

Entrusted with traffic management, messaging aggregation, and managing subscriptions for application agents.

Cloud-based Management Agent

Deployment options include either the customer's cloud infrastructure or our own hosted solution.

Decrypts data from connected devices and offers a RESTful API interface for integration with customer applications.

Enables effective communication and management of devices and users within the domain.

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