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3D Virtual

Classroom for



Immersive Learning Experience in the Metaverse

Bring remote learning to life

An interactive and collaborative 3D virtual world environment is the perfect way to keep remote learners engaged. Fully customizable 3D virtual classrooms with built-in communication and assessment tools enables attendees to connect, share and learn in real-time — creating a truly unique and immersive learning experience from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Metaverse opportunities for education

Metaverse presents a brilliant method of virtually interacting with others, where anyone, anywhere in the world can put on a virtual reality headset or utilize their web browser to log in to a virtual space and communicate with others face-to-face.

Students and teachers alike can meet up in the digital space regardless of their real-life location. Such functionality can lead to enhanced education for those willing to seek it

A persistent alternate reality presents endless possibilities, with an especially large potential impact on education.

Real benefits of Virtual learning environment

Greater accessibility

Easy access from anywhere at any time, via a browser or a desktop app.

It is customizable

Unique learning spaces that replicate real-world places and suit your needs.

Enhanced engagement

Interactive learning tools and convenience.

Better collaboration

Built-in whiteboards, webcam, screen-sharing, and messaging tools, that work smoothly together.

Intuitive moderation

User-friendly moderation tools that provide better control over a classroom.

Fast assessment

Manual and automatic assessment tools to monitor and evaluate course progress with speed.

For teachers:

  • Create a personalized classroom
  • Choose and change themes
  • Upload materials (various formats)
  • Use whiteboards, drawing and shaping tools
  • Concurrent classes
  • Add gestures, emotions, and movements
  • Gamification tools
  • Invite students to join via link

For students:

  • Create your avatar (with a unique appearance and personal features)
  • Participate in the lessons
  • Activate your avatar’s presence in the class
  • Change seats
  • Participate in internal chats
  • Join social activities
  • Simulated gestures and movements
  • Customize your learning environment

Some of the 3D Virtual Classroom Features & Benefits

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