Our Products

  • Cloud-Based Learning Management Software

    To help educational institutes and businesses with remote learning. We build a cloud-based learning management tool that keeps organizations connected with faculties, learners, and also do admin related tasks seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

    • Create a connected experience
    • Centralized data and information
    • Showcase your offerings
    • Make learning time flexible
    • With a personal app, you can run promotional campaigns and increase your brand value
    • AI-powered to offer a competitive advantage

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  • What We Have For You

    A fully customizable on-demand mobile app for your organisation.

    • Repository
      A single place to find all course materials, assignments, and library.
    • Mobile optimized
      With mobile configuration, it can be used in any kind of mobile device.
    • Customizable
      We offer a perfect solution to meet the various needs of institutional administration/faculties/learners/corporate training.
    • Unlimited course listing
      Business owners can upload listing of services they provide
    • Admin/Teacher/Learner panel
      A single place to find the different users and their activities
    • Alumni panel
      A place to access certain features as alumni.
    • Social login
      To enable fast sing ups and logins.
    • Push notifications
      Enable fast communication with targeted push notifications on their smartphones.
    • Track progress
      Keep track of performances and course progress.

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  • Essential Features of the Learning Management System

    We provide a fully customized solution to meet your organizational needs.

    • Easy Content Management
    • Support A Broad Range Of Formats
    • Testing And Assessment Options
    • In-built Gamification Tools
    • Customizable reporting
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Multiplatform Accessibility
    • Security & Online Payment Integration
    • Social Media Support

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  • Why To Choose Us ?

    Reasons that set us apart from competitors.

    • A team of experts
      Our team of all-star performers is the core in our journey as a start-up to become a leading business solution provider.
    • We are multidisciplinary
      UTL design a wide array of innovative solutions to help grow your business.
    • Proven track record
      We are a company with a proven track record.

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