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What is your challenge?

Are you prepared to provide a new product, improve an already great one, or realize your imaginative business concept? We are available to help you at every stage. Select the task you wish to undertake.

Whether your aim is to build a startup, develop a new product or increase business performance, you have two options to choose from. Namely building your internal team of developers or outsourcing. Both are challenging in their way. Learn why:

In any case increasing your core staff comes at a cost. Permanent contracts make it difficult to quickly scale down your team when needed. That limits your ability to respond to changing market demands. You also need to think about operational expenses such as setting up physical workstations, equipment, and much more.

If you have no experience in working with remote or extended teams, certain internal processes will need to be adjusted at first. Furthermore, establishing a shared company culture across the board can bring lots of challenges in managing your projects.

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Jared Limon
Advisor, Data Science Division
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Shub Basu
Advisor, IoT Division
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Want to know

more about our success with IOT & AI/ML, click here

Get to know how we work

Know what to expect starting from our first call to launching your product.

Let’s discuss your challenges and project details during a 30-minute discovery call with our team where we will come up with some out of the box ideas on how to proceed with your project.

Determination of key issues that should be considered within your project, analyzing key challenges i.e. past evolution, current situation and likely future evolution.

Our next step is to determine every specific Epic, Story and Task. Epics – large projects that entail many people over a long time. Stories – smaller projects within an Epic that must be completed before the Epic is 'Done'. Tasks – the day-to-day things we must do to complete a Story.

Then we start to develop your project – the process includes planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling our resources to accomplish your specific goals.

This part consists of a whole group of activities designated for investigating and examining progress of a given project to provide you with information about actual levels of performance and quality of the project. We do not stop until we make sure it is perfect.

It is a must-have to prevent unforeseen situations and delays. In this last step we add the last corrections if needed, make sure the product performs well and is ready for delivery.

What’s the alternative?

Tech Partnership

Partner with UTL Tech Partnership, and we'll take care of all the technical aspects while you watch your business grow. Our team of 150 highly qualified tech engineers has developed a special method for technology collaboration, ensuring your ideas come to life.

Our developers, in contrast to conventional IT companies, are committed to designing distinctive features, thoroughly testing them in a variety of scenarios, and becoming valuable members of your team. With UTL, expect more than just solutions; expect a partnership that elevates your business.

We’re Tech Partners for:

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While working in Tech Partnership with Utah Tech Labs we feel ourselves as partners and not "another customers". The commitment to our project success demonstrated by the company was surprising. From the first day, we met with Utah Tech Labs professionals with whom later we even became friends, and who contributed their skills, experience and professional advice into our final product, which undoubtedly became a success.


Proven professionalism, real success

Our success starts with assigning your project to our experienced developers and ends with outperforming your expectation.

Attract top talent
  • 150
    experienced engineers
  • 5.6%
    attrition rate, the industry’s lowest
Partner with the best
  • 60%
    of clients come from top accelerators
  • 6+
    diverse domains we serve
Act with speed
  • 30%
    less time to market
  • 2
    weeks from contact to kick-off
Celebrate client success
  • $1.8B
    in customer revenue
  • 3
    Became enterprise

Our Proven Expertise

Whatever your product vision, our engineers possess the stack fluency and vertical expertise to build it.

Case Studies

Adobe IoT

An invite-only mobile application for iOS and Android. The aim of the Application is to provide the guidelines to a user while being inside an Adobe building.

Learn More

Save a Lot Software Solution

Utah Tech Labs helped one of the largest grocery store chains in North America with a comprehensive software solution for better management of their cloud environment.

Learn More

Aptive Cloud Service Management

UTL helped the company to discover its entire infrastructure automatically; offering complete visibility across servers within less time.

Learn More

Nurvv Mobile Application

NURVV Run system uses pressure insoles and motion sensors to measure the most important aspects of your running technique right from your feet.

Learn More

Foodjets E-Commerce

Foodjets is an American franchising platform for online food delivery which was launched in 1993 and is based in Sacramento.

Learn More
View all Case Studies

What our customers say

Sean Roe
Senior Product Manager, House of Marley

Utah Tech Labs' expertise and support in product development has been instrumental in our success at House of Marley. Their talented team and state-of-the-art facilities have allowed us to bring innovative audio products to market quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended!

Ben Morgan
CEO, Anthem Pest

I highly recommend Utah Tech Labs for their exceptional expertise in software development. Their team was able to create a custom solution that streamlined our pest control operations, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thank you, Utah Tech Labs!

Brandon Towner
Founder / CEO, FAVER

I contracted Utah Tech Labs to work with me on a "startup" software development project. As a startup, we operated with limited resources and personnel. Utah Tech Labs consistently made efforts to work with us, in our situation, and sought to provide top-tier service and top-tier development. The team is very professional and dependable. Jay is a great leader who has built-out a team that is lovely to work with. I recommend Utah Tech Labs for any development project.

David Stout
CEO, XenoLabs

I would highly recommend this Utah Tech Labs. I’ve used many of their solutions for our backend operations and always happy and satisfied. They are quick, efficient, and unique. You must give them a try.

Damon Luke
Co-Founder, CEO tryckl

The first thing to note about UtahTech Labs is that they deliver benchmark results.

Sam Mansen

UTL has a very professional creative team. They are very analytical and understand the project very well and deliver as expected. Sometimes, they have given advice given on some features and that added perfection to our ideas. Looking forward to starting work on the next phase.

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