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Data Science

Intelligent Data Science & AI services in Toronto

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What do we do ?

We are Utah Tech Labs, a Data Science company based in Toronto. We offer custom made AI/ML, Data Science solutions to small, mid-size and large enterprises.

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How to start working with us?

Filling out the form is the first step towards finding your perfect Data Science solution. You may keep the answers short and simple.

Problem Definition

  • Think as an end-user.
  • State one problem at a time, repeat if needed.
  • What is important?
  • Are there any uncertainties or doubts?
  • Taking notes of all the important details

Data Science solutions in Toronto.

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Data Gathering


Data exploration, thinking through what data is needed and choosing the best ways to obtain it, whether it’s querying internal databases, or purchasing external datasets.

Structured, Unstructured, both

Structured data is quantitative and is easy to search and analyze, while unstructured data being more of a qualitative type requires some work to be processed and understood properly. Together they work perfectly. That is why we need both.

Data Retrieval Methods

The Data can come from the company’s pre-existing sources or from newly acquired data (from surveys), newly queried data (databases or APIs), downloaded from the internet (repositories available on the cloud) or extracted.

Data Access requirements

Understanding how to access the data needed is crucial to start the work. This part requires lots of expertise and experience in working on multiple platforms.

Data gathering services in Toronto.

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Data Cleaning

  • Is the data set complete?
  • Do we need to split and merge it?
  • What is still missing?
  • Does the data need to be converted?
  • Do we need to extract or replace values

Data cleaning services in Toronto.

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Data Exploration

  • What data is important for the complete analysis?
  • Is there any redundant data?
  • What about data ranges and typical distribution?
  • Are we exploring a large number of variables?
  • Do we need to use Python or R?

Data exploration services in Toronto.

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  • Do we need to reduce the dimensionality of the chosen data set?
  • Do we want to group data to understand the logic behind those clusters?
  • What’s more important: accuracy or interpretation?
  • Prediction or benchmarking?
  • Do we need prediction and confidence intervals?

Data modelling services in Toronto.

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  • Is the data based on Time-Series?
  • Is there any redundant data?
  • Do we want to compare the final model with the previous ones?
  • Do we want to be able to modify models and test them any time?
  • Does the model perform well?

Data testing services in Toronto.

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  • Do we need web-based deployment?
  • Do we need automated decisioning?
  • Do we need a decision model integration?
  • Is it needed to view historical data performance?

Data Science solutions in Toronto

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  • Do we need an additional warning system?
  • Are the originally set business aims met?
  • Are there any process expectations?
  • Do we need a list of actionable items?

Data Analytics services in Toronto.

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  • How often does the client expect to tune up the system?
  • Does he want this process to be automated?
  • Does he want to act independently or be supervised?

Experienced Data Scientists in Toronto.

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Hire Utah Tech Labs data scientists experienced in machine learning, data gathering, data cleaning, data exploration and analytics. Fill out the form to get more information about our services.