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Data Science

Intelligent Data Science & AI services in Toronto

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What do we do ?

We create custom decision engines for all types of businesses, big or small, in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Data Science solutions in Toronto. Get In Touch

How to start working with us?

Filling out the form is the first step towards finding your perfect Data Science solution. You may keep the answers short and simple.

Problem Definition

  • Think as an end-user.
  • State one problem at a time, repeat if needed.
  • What is important?
  • Are there any uncertainties or doubts?
  • Taking notes of all the important details

Data Science solutions in Toronto.

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Data Collection Sources


Identifying the needed data and choosing the best methods to gather it, such as using internal databases or buying external datasets.

Types of Data

Structured data is well-organized and easy to search, while unstructured data is more complex and harder to analyze.

Data Retrieval

Methods include data feeds, APIs, web scraping, surveys, databases, and image captures.

Data Access

Understanding how to access data is key. This requires expertise and familiarity with different platforms.

Data gathering services in Toronto.

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Data Cleaning

  • Is your data set comprehensive in the context of Canada?
  • Consider merging data sets for a more robust analysis.
  • What approach will you adopt for handling missing values?
  • Is there a necessity to standardize data for consistency across the Canadian spectrum?
  • Should data normalization be a part of your process?

Data cleaning services in Toronto.

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Data Exploration

  • Are you familiar with the key data crucial for your analysis?
  • Have you identified any superfluous data in your datasets?
  • Are you informed about the usual data ranges and distribution patterns in these regions?
  • Do you understand the various categories of data?
  • When analyzing, are you dealing with a small or extensive set of variables?

Data exploration services in Toronto.

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Modeling Considerations

  • What holds greater significance: precision in results or the capacity for interpretation?
  • Is forecasting more critical, or does benchmarking take precedence?
  • How much emphasis do you place on the accuracy of predictions and the reliability of confidence intervals?

Data modelling services in Toronto.

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  • Is your dataset oriented around Time-Series, particularly within Canada or Toronto?
  • Have you identified any redundant data in your collection?
  • Are you working with a substantial or limited volume of data?
  • Are you interested in contrasting your current model with preceding ones?
  • Would you like the flexibility to alter and evaluate models at your convenience?

Data testing services in Toronto.

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  • Are you seeking web-based deployment solutions?
  • Is automated decision-making a requirement for your operations?
  • Do you require integration of decision models within your enterprise?
  • Is accessing historical data performance essential for your business?

Data Science solutions in Toronto

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  • Are you seeking an alert mechanism?
  • Do you set procedural standards?
  • Is a checklist of practical tasks necessary for you?

Data Analytics services in Toronto.

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  • How frequently do you anticipate conducting system tune-ups?
  • Would you prefer to have this procedure automated?
  • If monitored, are you inclined to operate autonomously?

Experienced Data Scientists in Toronto.

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Hire Utah Tech Labs data scientists experienced in machine learning, data gathering, data cleaning, data exploration and analytics. Fill out the form to get more information about our services.