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Our Web And Mobile Application Development

40% less pricy in comparison to other US provider

Quick functional MVP in a couple of months

UI proof of concept in 2 weeks

In-house domain Experts

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Our Proven Process that Makes IT Successful

We organize our work into 15-day sprints so that you get to see significant progress in your product every two weeks. Every sprint has a thorough planning phase before it ends with a retrospective analysis. We do sprint reviews and backlog pruning along the way. This strategy reduces the possibility of significant failures. Here is a visualization of our approach.

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Our Success Stories

Find out why our team is regarded as some of the top developers in the business and why we're at the forefront of online and mobile app development in Canada.


With the NURVV Run system, you may get unmatched insights into your running form all in one mobile app. With the use of motion sensors and pressure insoles inserted into your shoes, this cutting-edge technology records important parts of your running form right from your feet, where it matters most. It provides injury risk management and coaching in real-time, using form and load indicators from your most recent runs to provide a customized Running Health score. Utah Tech Labs's experience and outstanding backend infrastructure make this possible.

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Adobe Inc.

An invite-only mobile application for iOS and Android. The aim of the Application is to provide the guidelines to a user while being inside an Adobe building. As GPS often does not work accurately inside buildings, we have used Barometric Pressure of the Smartphone and other tools to provide accurate locations. This helps to recognize Hall, Conference Room, Rest room, Cafeteria, etc. This solution helps to reach any part of Adobe office buildings without physical guide, just using a smartphone.

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EAlarm GPS

EAlarmGPS™ is the World's First (and standalone) Smart Emergency Alarm, Patented by B A S U® Magic™, Technology which uses Built-in Connectivity and GPS. Utah Tech Labs has developed the configuration setting for the eAlarm device. Each user must go through an advanced and secure registration process where they are asked to configure their devices with the system using PIN codes and emergency numbers. All these services are implemented on AWS while using an Aurora database.

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House of Marley

Utah Tech Labs has provided House of Marley users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that has allowed them to control all of their devices seamlessly. With this app users are able to connect their devices via Bluetooth and control equalizers, ANC, and ambiance, or create custom presets, providing an elevated music experience. The new app now allows them to connect speakers via Bluetooth and customize their music experience.

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Broad Reach

Broad Reach came to us with the goal of developingreliable and cost-effective network for US to Canada & International Delivery Services. Multiple delivery handoffs and uncertain transit times impose additional risk and stress for Canadian customers, US stores holders and their employees. Shipping and customs regulations are constantly changing and vary from region to region.

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Utah Tech Labs has helped a renowned US-based pest control company, with simple and automated software to manage and monitor their AWS server. The need for a system administrator or AWS expert is a matter of the past. Our solution can manage every aspect of a cloud server. After years of growth and expansion, the company shifted its server into the Amazon cloud platform as it happens to be a frontrunner to other cloud computing platforms. Next, they wanted a tool to negotiate human monitoring with technological innovation that is designed to look after different components of an AWS server.

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Crave Delivery

A big project delivered to Crave Delivery, a US-based company. They asked us to take care of their front-end, back-end, and develop both their platform and the app.

We have helped the client with the whole technological side of the project. That is how Crave Delivery was born. The platform offers fast food delivery from 18 award-winning local restaurants, mixed delivery, and weekly delivery.

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Save a Lot

Utah Tech Labs helped one of the largest grocery store chains in North America with a comprehensive software solution for better management of their cloud environment. Save A Lot notifies the administrator about any critical or semi critical condition on Azure cloud environment. The application uses a whole new monitoring system and scalable and detail-oriented business (Tableau) reports. The information about resource usage details helps the customers distribute the workload more effectively and scale up/down the cloud resources accordingly.

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Why Choose Us ?

Our profound tech knowledge coupled with deep understanding of our customers’ needs is what allows us to create unique web and mobile app solutions that empower enterprises, their employees, and customers every day.

Any app developer would have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience.

We make sure to assign you the most suitable developer who has the maximum experience in your industry.

There is no hidden cost, only the ones on which we agree upon with you.

Unbreakable NDA We know “sharing is not caring” in this case.

You can choose to hire us hourly or monthly.

On time delivery always with high quality.

dedicated project managerand real-time support.

While working with us, you are in the loop of the whole SDLC.

How we are placed

Our exceptional online and mobile app development services in Toronto help us stand out in an overcrowded market. We are renowned for our originality and inventiveness and for being the best in terms of dependability, quality, and credibility. Our goal is simple: to continuously surpass expectations.


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One week
1-3 months
Domain expertise
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Quality guarantee
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MVP readiness
3-5 months
Upto a year
Asset 8
24 hours X 5 days Due to multiple geographical locations
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Our reasons


1. Establish Connections with Industry Leaders:

Our business divisions are led by seasoned subject matter experts, providing you with the opportunity to interact with leading industry figures.


2. Devoted to Quality:

We don't bind our clients with tight contracts; instead, we place a strong priority on doing excellent work at every turn.


3. Affordably Excellent:

We pass on to you the benefit of our cost-effective geographic location, which makes our services 40% less expensive than those of comparable organizations.


4. Rapid Team Assemblies:

We can expedite the process by integrating a pre-screened team into your project at the earliest opportunity.


5. Minimized Risk:

We provide flexibility with just a 30-day notice period because we are an on-demand extended staff. In the current economy, this method greatly reduces the risks in comparison to full-time hires.


6. Your Extended Team:

We become an essential member of your team, participating in your expansion and success, rather than only being a vendor.