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Case Study


Another big project done for NURVV, a UK-based company, which asked us to create software product for runners with a mobile application and connect it to their innovative hardware.

Client's Background

Industry type: Information Technology

Key Products & Services: Sporting goods, Wearable Running Technology

Geography of Operations: Across the globe


By measuring from your fit, the NURVV Run system hardware uses pressure insoles and motion sensors to measure the most important aspects of a running technique right from the feet. Yet, hardware cannot analyze and display the gathered information on other devices without software. They were looking for a company which would manage not only to develop software and create a mobile application, but to make it user-friendly, advanced, and suitable for professional runners use.


Utah Tech Labs accepted the challenge and provided NURVV’s customers with unique running insights in one mobile app. BLE signals, sent by the hardware, are thoroughly analyzed and the information is then displayed on a mobile device. It is a unique mobile solution also for professional runners since the software can analyze up to 40 miles of running, includes real-time coaching and injury risk management.

The features and functionalities

Longer distances

The software can analyze up to 40 miles of running using only BLE signals, which makes it truly unique.

Real-time coaching

A personal trainer which is always available on the user’s Android or iOS.

Injury risk management

The feature helps a user to stay safe by giving notices and advice on avoiding injury risks.

Running Health score

The technology uses form and load metrics from recent runs to generate a personal Running Health Score.

Business Impact

We are proud of the outstanding backend infrastructure that our professional team has created for NURVV helping the company to personalize and upgrade their sporting product. With all the unique features that their hardware has gained together with the new software it has a strong potential to grow and gain its popularity worldwide!

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