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Case Study

Save A Lot

Save A Lot is one of the largest grocery store chains in North America, which found their solution for better cloud environment management at Utah Tech Labs.

Client's Background

Industry type: Food supply

Key Products & Services: Discount supermarket chain

Geography of Operations: USA


Save A Lot is one of the largest grocery store chains in North America. Having a constantly expanding supermarket chain with the increasing number of customers, sales and employees, they were looking for an up-to-date comprehensive software solution for better management of their cloud environment. In addition, they needed a user-friendly, functional and optimized mobile application.


Utah Tech Labs introduced an advanced mobile solution for the company. “Save A Lot” application now notifies the administrator about any critical or semi critical condition on Azure cloud environment. The app uses a brand-new monitoring system and scalable and detail-oriented business (Tableau) reports. The information about resource usage details helps the customers distribute the workload in a more effective way and scale up or down the cloud resources accordingly.

The features and functionalities

Improved data warehouse

By optimizing the queries, we have managed to significantly improve data warehouse and the overall performance.

Automatic framework

The feature constantly provides the business stake holders with precise information.

Precise sales statistics and reports.

Fully automized calculation and display of the statistical data.

Business Impact

The solution provided helps Save A Lot chain manage their cloud environment in a faster and more effective way that saves their time and budget. Furthermore, thanks to the advanced features now offered in the application, the business stake holders have access to precise statistics and reports, which increases their interest and engagement in the business activities.

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