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Case Study

Broad Reach

Taking the hassle out of cross-border logistics. International shipping and delivery from USA to Canada.

Client's Background

Client’s name: Broad Reach

Industry type:International logistics

Key Products & Services: International shipments and Deliveries

Geography of Operations:USA, Canada

Year: 2022

Key words: on-demand logistics, e-commerce, international delivery


Broad Reach came to us with the goal of developingreliable and cost-effective network for US to Canada & International Delivery Services.

Multiple delivery handoffs and uncertain transit times impose additional risk and stress for Canadian customers, US stores holders and their employees. Shipping and customs regulations are constantly changing and vary from region to region. This, coupled with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, made logistics much more complicated. The client’s main need wasa big tech upgrade to offer the best service in their field according to the new reality.


Multiple webapplications for customers, internal admin, and employees. Ready-to-use REST API where companies can connect to the service provider.

We worked closely with Broad Reach to analyze and understand the current problems, difficulties, and changes in the sector. Together, we focused on improving the overall cross-border delivery process in compliance with the international regulations and customs rules, custom-branded tracking, time and cost-effective shipping, and reliable connectivity.

Key features and functionalities

Real-time tracking¬ifications

Full control over the state of delivery.

Easier delivery management

Organizing warehouses, carriers, and logistics in the most efficient manner.

Customs clearance

The system is being constantly updated according to the latest customs regulations.

AWS, Elastic Beanstalk data base and data store

Built on the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today

Redis Cache Storage

Decreases data access latency, increases throughput, and eases the load off the database and application.

Easier with API

Using REST API to state the shipment and connect.

Business Impact

The client’s superior logistics background complemented by our deep tech knowledge and experience – led to great results.

The new web applications helped to take their cross-border delivery trusted by thousands of marketplace sellers and retailers to the new level, making it moresecure, time and cost-effective.

The company also reports about improved and seamless operation, order accuracy, and shipping reliability.

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