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  • Realtime Tracking & Communication

  • Mobile app

  • Bulk label generation

  • Smart routing

  • Multiple office/branch setup

  • Powerful Reporting

  • Customs document generation

  • Lead tracking

  • Full data record

Logistics software development

Efficiently manage and streamline your logistics operations. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in enhancing and speeding up delivery processes, overseeing logistics management, and facilitating rapid scaling through the implementation of effective software solutions.

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Facilitating Global Trade with Simplified Logistics

The growing trend of cross-border shipping presents a valuable chance for businesses to expand into untapped markets, as more and more consumers are using their purchasing power to shop globally.

Our services focus on aiding our clients in creating streamlined delivery management - This involves implementing seamless logistics strategies through digital technology, ensuring the effective and efficient transportation of products to warehouses, along with a smooth transition to last-mile delivery services. Key aspects include automating processes to reduce manual mistakes, enhancing customer support systems, and optimizing both warehouse management and delivery procedures.

Features we developed in the past

Drawing from our extensive experience in the field, we've compiled a selection of features that could enhance your business processes. Tailored pricing is available, depending on the specific features you choose to implement to advance your operations.

Dispatch Management System

Streamlines the process of dispatching, delivering, and tracking through automation.

Advanced Routing Capabilities

Offers sophisticated GPS-enabled routing solutions for employees within a unified platform.

GPS Delivery Tracking

Provides comprehensive oversight of delivery stages, work progression, and status updates.

Interactive Real-time Dashboard

Displays operational workflows with the ability to adjust schedules using three critical dimensions: location, time, and fleet.

Delivery Data Management and Insight Tools

Centralizes all delivery-related information for easy access.

Administrative Control Panel

Enables centralized management of employee activities through a single interface.

Driver Mobile Application

Enhances operational efficiency and clarity for daily tasks.

Customer Alert System

Keeps customers informed from the point of dispatch to delivery, based on their preferences.

Customizable Software Options

Tailors the software to meet specific operational needs.

Superior Geocoding Technology

Ensures deliveries are made to precise and verified locations.

Enhanced Fleet Safety Measures

Integrates cutting-edge technologies to improve logistics operations without compromising security.

Intelligent Analytical Tools

Provides insightful data analysis for informed decision-making in key business areas.

Business needs automation

Numerous advantages come with automating logistics in businesses, such as reduced labor, inventory, and energy costs. Moreover, this automation leads to quicker, more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient logistics operations. It greatly minimizes human mistakes and enhances the quality of customer service.


Automated logistics processes


Operational costs


On-time and in-full deliveries


automated logistics processes

We understand the challenges and characteristics of your industry

Food & beverage
Technology & electronics
Building & construction

About Us

Utah Tech Labs offers unparalleled proficiency in the field of digital transformations. When you collaborate with us, you tap into a vast network of global experts who bring extensive knowledge in multiple areas of information technology and industry verticals. Our goal is to convert our comprehensive in-house expertise, extensive experience, and superior project management skills into strategic benefits for your business.

Improve Delivery Experience for Customers

Offer an exceptional delivery experience to your customers, complete with an easy review process. Keep them informed with instant notifications and the ability to track their deliveries in real time.

Streamline Integration Effortlessly

Effortlessly integrate your logistics software with various platforms to minimize manual work and eliminate inefficiencies.

Boost Operator Efficiency

Ensure uninterrupted operation and superior communication for your delivery personnel, with optimized routing and robust enterprise support.

Enhance Operational Transparency

Monitor the difference between planned and actual routes, keep an eye on your fleet in real time, and discover valuable insights that can inform decisions.

Increase Efficiency and Save Time

Automating logistics processes enables companies to quickly secure capacity and complete transactions, leading to more loads being booked.

Foster Brand Devotion

Avoid unnecessary delays, minimize the time vehicles spend idle, and utilize smart communication tools to enhance customer interactions and foster strong brand loyalty.

Discover why we're your exceptional choice

Our distinctive and creative approach to logistics distinguishes us. We offer unparalleled excellence, dependability, and integrity that consistently surpasses expectations.


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Our reasons


You speak with domain experts.

Our business units are led by domain experts. You will speak with leading people from the industry.


We provide a quality guarantee.

We don’t tie our clients by a strict contract. Rather we provide quality in every stage of our delivery.


We eliminate high markup.

Our prices are 40% lesser than other similar agencies. We transfer our geographical cost advantage to our customers.


We prioritize transparency.

We’re committed to being open and honest with our clients every step of the way. Track your fleet in real-time, gain actionable insights.


Seamless integration with any platform.

By leveraging our integration capabilities, streamline your logistics operations and enjoy a more efficient and effective supply chain.


We are your extended team.

We don’t act like an outside vendor. We work as an extension of your team and we share the success to grow with you.

Anything you need, we’re here to help


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FAQ for Logistic Solutions

Throughout our projects, we aim at transforming our strengths into competitive advantages for our customers. By partnering with Utah Tech Labs, you get access to hundreds of international specialists with in-depth knowledge across various domains of information technologies and verticals.

We are proud of our in-house expertise in logistics-connected technologies, experience in working with different industry verticals, and excellent project management.

If you search for cost-effective, professional, and proactive logistics software solutions, Utah Tech Labs is the right place.

We help shippers and carriers with multiple problems and challenges such as improving user experience and minimizing costs, while also:

  • IncreasingNetwork Visibility
  • Automating processes
  • Adding on speed
  • Enabling omni-channel
  • Maximizing overall efficiency

We support 25+ industries and have vast experience in working with each of them. We craft technological solutions for: e-commerce, retail, grocery, automotive, 3rd party, healthcare, freight, food delivery, household appliance, fashion, electronics, chemistry, furniture, and more.

Our solutions can be deployed both in Cloud and on On-Premises, with the same code base.

Yes, of course. We always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to assure the confidentiality of the source code and project idea.

The cost of development would vary from project to project according to the team size, the project’s complexity, feature set and technology stack used. If you wish to get an estimate on your IoT application idea, get in touch with our business developers here .

Our general pricing (for hourly/monthly hiring) is available here .

If we were to give you a rough estimate, we'd say a couple of months. Of course, this is just a rule of thumb, and the time can vary greatly from product to product. Partial development might take just a couple of weeks.

At Utah Tech Labs, we strive at reducing the time-to-market by constantly increasing the efficiency of our project mana