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Case Study


We are happy to tell you the story about one more big IoT project that was delivered to a well-known Adobe company. Utah Tech Labs developed an invite-only mobile application for Adobe offices’ employees.

Client's Background

Industry type: Computer Software

Key Products & Services: Web software ecosystem, Image editing software, Vector graphics editor, etc.

Geography of Operations: Across the globe


Adobe has more than 21,000 employees worldwide, having large offices around the world, some of which are located also in Utah. Each of their office buildings has numerous meeting rooms, offices, catering spaces, etc. It had always been a challenge for their employees to orient inside the office building and quickly find the needed places, but with Utah Tech Labs the managed to find a solution and provide their employees with a big stress relief.


The aim of the Application is to provide the guidelines to a user while being inside an Adobe building. As GPS often does not work accurately inside buildings, we have used Barometric Pressure of the Smartphone, Beacon devices and other tools to provide accurate locations. That helps to recognize Hall, Conference Room, Rest room, Cafeteria, etc.

The features and functionalities

Indoor atlas

The first and the most important task, which our team successfully completed, was to create a precise internal map for Adobe buildings without living any room behind.

Beacon technology

Beacons help guide navigators to their destinations. They send a signal to a mobile application and provide the user with accurate information.

Audio server

The mobile application plays an appropriate audio server depending on the location. These audios contain navigation guides, information about room availability, etc.

Business Impact

The solution provided helps to reach any part of Adobe office buildings without physical guide, just using a smartphone. This helps the company’s employees to save time and reduce stress which consequently increases productivity and job performance.

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