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Case Study


We are excited to present the story of a major Internet of Things (IoT) project that was effectively finished for the esteemed Adobe company. Utah Tech Labs created a custom mobile app that is only available by invitation to employees of Adobe offices.

Client Profile

Sector: Computer Software Development

Primary Offerings: Internet-based software solutions, Digital image manipulation programs, Software for creating and editing vector-based graphics, among others.

Operational Reach: Worldwide


Adobe employs more than 21,000 people worldwide and has large offices spread throughout several locations, including prominent ones in Utah. These premises comprise numerous spaces for meetings, private offices, and catering services. For their employees, navigating these large office spaces had been a constant challenge, frequently resulting in time-consuming searches for particular locations. But Adobe worked with Utah Tech Labs to successfully implement a solution that greatly reduced this burden and provided a great deal of relief from the stress of navigating the offices.


Helping users navigate a building designed in the Adobe style is the main goal of this application. In order to do this, the app uses additional tools and beacon technology in addition to the barometric pressure sensors that come with smartphones to pinpoint precise locations. This method is used because GPS units frequently produce inaccurate readings indoors. As a result, the app can locate various areas within the building with accuracy, including restrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and hallways.

The features and functionalities

Indoor Adobe Structure Mapping

Creating an accurate and thorough map of Adobe's interior spaces was a critical goal that our team successfully completed, making sure that every area was covered.

Applying Beacon Technologies

Beacons are essential for helping users get to where they want to go. These gadgets send signals to a mobile application, which provides the user with exact information.

Including an Audio Server in a Mobile Application

The mobile application activates a specific audio server based on the user's location. This server provides information such as the occupancy status of the room and other details, along with audio guidance for navigation.

Business Impact

With the help of the deployed solution, one can easily navigate Adobe's office buildings with just a smartphone and no paper guide. This innovation improves overall productivity and work efficiency by helping employees save time and reduce stress.

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