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Case Study


We just finished a significant project for the British company NURVV, where we created software designed especially for runners. This included a smartphone app made to work in unison with their state-of-the-art gear.

Client's Background

The industry: Information Technology

Important Goods & Services: Athletic Products, Wearable Running Technology

Operations' geographic scope: Worldwide


The NURVV Run system analyzes running techniques using a novel method. It incorporates sophisticated motion sensors and pressure-sensitive insoles that are all calibrated to match the user's unique fit. This system does a great job of recording important aspects of a runner's form right at the point of contact—their feet. Nevertheless, the hardware's capacity to process and present the data it gathers is constrained. Complementary software is needed in order to enable this feature. The hunt was on for a developer who could not only create the required software and a mobile application that worked, but also make sure that the product was user-friendly, state-of-the-art, and fit the needs of professional athletes.


Utah Tech Labs took on the project and provided NURVV's clients with a unique running analytics experience, all through a single smartphone application. The app carefully deciphers the BLE signals that the corresponding hardware emits, displaying the results on the user's mobile device. This cutting-edge app serves both professional and recreational runners. With capabilities like real-time coaching and proactive injury prevention techniques, it can evaluate up to 40 miles of running data.

The features and functionalities

Long-Term Analysis

This program is unique in its field because it can analyze up to 40 miles of a user's running activity by using only BLE signals.

Quick Training Advice

This app serves as the user's constant mentor and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Tool for Preventing Injury

By offering suggestions and warnings to reduce the likelihood of getting hurt, this feature helps users maintain their safety.

Index of Personal Running Health

This cutting-edge technology creates a customized Running Health Index by using running form and load data from the user's most recent running sessions.

Business Impact

It gives our team great pleasure to have improved and customized NURVV's sports product by helping to develop their backend infrastructure. The product is positioned for significant global growth and recognition thanks to the innovative software and unique features integrated into its hardware.

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