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Case Study


Apium Delivery brings nutrition to your doorstep by providing on-demand grocery delivery to customers.

Client's Background

Client’s name: Apium Logistics

Industry type: logistics, food and grocery delivery

Key Products & Services: food and beverage, on-demand delivery services

Geography of Operations:USA

Year: 2022

Key words: on-demand logistics, food delivery, grocery delivery, instant delivery


Apium logistics has been in the industry for a long time, providing end-to-end logistics solutions for food. Initially, the client approached us with an idea of building a new website which would allow customers to place their food and grocery orders for delivery. The vision was to launch a product that would bring more engagement and personalization, allow to manage a larger number of drivers and orders, and optimize the whole process of delivery.


From the customer’s perspective, the expectations from using a delivery service are evident: the service should be fast and convenient, the flow on the website should be intuitive. That is why it was important for our web design&development team to work through every step of the delivery process to ensure it would be seamless, considering all the participants, logistics, and touchpoints.We created a user-friendly and smart website for Apium’s food and grocery delivery services, adding several advanced features that would simplify the process of placing an order, connect customers with thedrivers, build the best routes, and minimize costs for the company.

Key features and functionalities

Real-time driver tracking¬ifications

Which allows the customer to take full control over the delivery.

Instant food delivery

Quick response and precise logistics.

Backend employee monitoring

Enables you to effectively manage everything from task to customer orders, and more.

Smart allocation of tasks

While maintaining an individual’s privacy.

GCP and App engine

For a very comprehensive cloud service and scalable web backend.

Business Impact

UTL helped the company to smartly connect their stores with the clients, operate their deliveries, gain more customers, and work more efficiently. The delivery time is clearly stated, and the orders can be tracked in real-time. This resulted in offering a better service and providing a greater overall customer experience.

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