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Case Study


Help Dot reach its goal by programming its every move.

Game Background

Game type : Puzzle, Arcade, Simulation

Year : 2021

Key words : programming, coding, simulation, robots

About the game

Dotbot is hyper casual puzzle and arcade simulation game. The Dotbot mechanics shows how the programming works in a fun and entertaining way. Program your robots, solve unusual puzzles, and find multiple solutions - get ready to fully challenge your problem-solving skills.

What’s in

The game consists of different levels with different types of obstacles and routes. The task for the player is to reach the final point without running out of movements or falling off the game map. Dot's movement types are: move forward, jump, turn right, turn left and stop. Each movement can be set between 0-5 seconds and can be used more than once.

  • PLAN your way to the end;
  • PROGRAM the task;
  • EXECUTE your code.

Key features

New skills

Learn or upgrade your programming, logic and problem-solving skills


Build the moving platforms and calculate your movements accordingly

Multiple solutions

Find out the fastest way to finish a level using as little commands as possble.

Any age

The game is suitable and interesting for players of different ages.

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