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Case Study


We are pleased to tell you the story of another big IoT project delivered to Foodjets company. During the 6 years of our collaboration, we have developed an outstanding food delivery network, fast and user-friendly mobile application and effective google cloud control management.


Foodjets is an American franchising platform for online food delivery which was launched in 1993 and is based in Sacramento. With the growing popularity of food delivery services, the company was looking for some ways to stand out from their competitors and create an outstanding online platform for restaurants and their customers offering the fastest food delivery.


Our Utah Tech Labs team is proud to be behind the multifunctional backend delivery app for both iOS and Android, mobile order tracking that the Foodjets service can offer. Proximity based allocation of each delivery is a major advantage of the platform. The mobile app uses various distance algorithms to optimize the routes. The features are also supported by AWS while using Aurora database.

The features and functionalities

Order tracking

The clients are kept updated on when their food is ready, wrapped, sent out for delivery, etc.

Advanced algorithms

Driver choice based on their distance, availability, next order’s destination, and overall workload.

Easy registration

Restaurants can easily register themselves on the platform, add their menu (or create one using one of the templates) and start sharing it.

Business Impact

The solution provided by Utah Tech Labs specialists has helped Foodjets company to expand their business which now offers one of the best food delivery services in the United States. The app’s advanced features, route optimization algorithms, express delivery options and easy restaurant-driver-customer communication – all these features together create an outstanding customer experience.

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