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Case Study


Race against your friends or other players online in the real-life inspired locations of Somalia. Choose your favorite politician and support the presidential candidate that you like!

Game Background

Game type : Racing game

Year : 2021

Key words : racing, politics, league, competition

About the game

MAANDEEQ is an ultimate camel racing experience. It offers multiple game modes, character customizations, extreme boosters, and challenging obstacles. In MAANDEEQ you can choose one of the three play modes, participate in seasonal events, gain rewards, and get on the top of the world rank.

What’s in

  • Choose a politician that you like, support your favorite presidential candidate.
  • Customize your characters, change hats and boots, flags, and saddles of your camels.
  • Try various ranking systems according to the type of competition you are in.
  • Choose between various play modes: World Tour Career, Racing against time, and Tournament
  • Seasonal events, hundreds of levels, and various rewards.

Key features

Highly customizable

A player can choose and customize their characters, camels, other details, and race in the preferred locations.


Extremely competitive tournaments, star rating system, and global dynamic ranking system.

Language options

MAANDEEQ goes international. A player can choose one of the several languages that the game offers.

Cloud saving system

Cloud saving system allows players to store their results on cloud servers and play the game on multiple devices.

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