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Case Study

Cure Commando

Take the infection under control and save the city on your iOS or Android. An award-winning arcade game by Utah Tech Labs.

Game Background

Game type : Arcade

Year : 2021

Key words : infection control, save the city, command, save and cure people, various stages

About the project

Purple clouds surrounded the entire city. More pand more eople are getting sick every second. Only you and your new powerful injection can help them.

Curecommando starts a new era of 3D arcade gameplay with super stunning graphics and challenging multi-stage levels.

The survival of the city is in your hands, Cure Commando!

What’s in

Stage 1

Learn how to manage the virus, mask people up and provide personal safety on the open air.

Visit public places such as hotdog and ice-cream stand, coffee shops and put them under control!

Follow different tutorial levels to learn how to conduct the actions as “gas clouds” “masking up”, etc. faster!

Stage 2

Challenge yourself and take control of public safety in big shopping malls.

Unlock various malls with their unique POI moving through different levels.

The last tutorial and the introduction into a challenging asymptomatic group.

Stage 3

Take a ride on a big wheel or a roller coaster while taking control on the infection spread in the Amusement Park!

The Stage 3 contains a higher number of levels, making it more challenging to accomplish.

Complete your target and go beyond, upgrade your character and capacity!

Stage 4

The most challenging part covering big areas with metro entrance, street shops, pedestrian traffic lights, and more!

Numerous points of interest and routes might distract the player making it harder to spot the infected people and track the POIs.

We have added amazing decoration assets of a high-populated metropolis.

Key features

60+ levels

And various locations

Advanced graphics

For full engagement

Managing workers

The player takes control of everything

Upgrade possibilities

Game character and surrounding upgrades

Utah Tech Labs’ game development

At Utah Tech Labs, we are a team of experts focused on envisioning, designing, and developing dynamic game interfaces, based on the interests of our audience. We create high-quality games for iOS, android, windows, desktop etc. offering 3D, 2D, VR game design & development.

From mobile games to games for advanced devices we craft interactive and engaging games, capturing the uniqueness of an idea, and enhancing it with the most relevant features. We believe game development can inject fun elements into any application or system, improve existing practices and identify new opportunities

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