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Case Study

Amber alert GPS

We worked with precision on tracking and battery use optimization to create pure value for Amber Alert GPS. Learn more about the project.

Client's Background

Industry type: Mobile Technology

Key Products & Services: Emergency products

Geography of Operations: USA


AmberAlert GPS is a US-based company offering safety products designed for people of all ages, but specifically for children and their safety. They were looking for company which would be able not only to develop special software and connect it to their hardware, but also to create an easy-to-use parent app and portal. And Utah Tech Labs has accepted the challenge.


We worked with precision on tracking and battery use optimization to create pure value for AmberAlert GPS services. This mobility solution can share constant real-time data on multiple platforms, while the visionary platform works smoothly using various mobile technologies, which inherently demanded top notch technical finesse.

The features and functionalities

Real-time notifications

With the real-time notifications irrespective of location and distance, parents can be sure in their child’s safety at any given time.

Appropriate mappings

The application uses a precise map and supports the most advanced GPS technologies.

Battery use optimization

Battery use control and optimization make one battery charge last much longer.

Business Impact

The Amber Alert GPS now offers a durable, child friendly product that works together with our easy-to-use parent application and portal, keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality. The mobile solution developed by Utah Tech Labs specialists combines communication, safety, and GPS location in one mobile application.

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