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Case Study

“Wearable” watch

IoT development for wearable devices.

Client's Background

Industry type: Electronics

Key Products & Services: Small-and medium-sized electronic devices.

Geography of Operations: Worldwide


The client was struggling with finding a trustful team of IoT developers for their project. The idea was to create a “wearable watch” for daily use with a number of features: heart rate and body temperature measurement, sudden fall analysis and signal, etc. They wanted the data to be stored and analyzed on the cloud with the possibility of its later transmission to other devices.


Our team decided to build it on cortex MO controller which integrates with HRM, uses temperature sensors with accelerometers. The watch collects the data and sends it over LoRa (Long Range) WAN, stores it on the backend and analyzes regularly. It provides general health information and calls for emergency assistance if needed.

The features and functionalities

LoRa based long-range comm.

Sub Gig RF Frequency: 868 MhAZ

Long-lasting battery

Runs on a tiny lithium-ion battery

Low power usage

LoRa devices consume very little powe

Proof of concept

Participated in complete design

Business Impact

The ability of wearables to integrate with third-party applications is one of the benefits that makes them so popular and increases their sales. The client was fully satisfied with the work done by Utah Tech Labs specialists. The customers highlight the device’s functionality, battery efficiency, informative health reports, stylish design and user-friendly interface.

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