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Case Study

Flipclasses > BMI

Utah Tech Labs has developed a learning management solution for BMI School to run their full institution's functions like online classes, full courses, teachers, and examinations.

Client's Background

Industry type: Corporate training

Key Products & Services: Executive MBA degree for ambitious managers and entrepreneurs

Geography of Operations: Brussels, Belgium

Number of Employees: 30


For over 2 decades, the company has been offering courses across the globe and with continuous expansion, wanted to address their training with eLearning facilities in parallel to traditional mode of teaching. The request included online training and continuous evaluation process, automated individual and group level smart reports, creating class, giving assignments, conducting quizzes, survey course progress, and more.

Performing an administrative task is both tedious and time-consuming, and traveling of international professors and arrangement of conference rooms required expanses. Moreover, there was trouble in finding a good location with all conveniences to conduct classes comfortably.

To overcome the issues, the company wanted a learning platform to mitigate the troubles they were facing and wanted to improve training experiences while reducing expenses and other overheads.


UTL discussed and comprehended their requirements and conceptualized to develop an AI-based LMS with all training materials at one place in the cloud. Flipclasses is a brilliant tool for learning, training, and education as a whole. This includes:

Easy content publishing

We focused mostly to ease the content building and publishing process on the platform.

Quick registration of learners

The platform allows quick registration. Admin can assign them to a specific program/course through a single click.

Course design capabilities

Administrator and course content designers have their exclusive access in the platform for them to design courses, schedule classes and organise course materials.

Teachers login

Teachers can login to the platform to organise their teaching materials and prepare contents. They can interact with their relevant class-students through the platform as well.

Tracking progress

Our platform tracks overall class level and individual progress on training and assessments.

Both side feedback

The platform allows feedback from both trainers and learners.

Access control

Admin can create multiple trainers accounts and assign them specific programs. The faculties get access to content, learners, and reports related to that specific program. Learners also get access to course content

Video training session

Both sales and technicians have their iOS and Android mobile app for their convenience and can perform their daily tasks and reporting through their mobile apps. The branch and corporate office can access the data that are uploaded by the apps, Through the platform, faculties can organize a live video trains session unto a group of 20 learners.

Business Impact

UTL helped the company to conduct online classes across various locations, without the need to arrange traveling of faculties and looking for conference room and faculty accommodations. The outcome was:

  • Regardless of the number of courses conducted or learners registered, the organization dedicates the same resources towards their training repeatedly.
  • Effective training with the reduced cost of traveling and rents for conference rooms and faculty accommodation
  • Centralized information/data that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by admin, faculties, and learners, whichever enabled in their respective panel.
  • Automation helps to get more insightful reports, make better & faster decisions.
  • With an all-in-one concept, helps in offering courses and training globally while saving time.

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