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Case Study

Multichannel ECG for medical devices

End to end development of Data Acquisition System for medical electronics application.

Client's Background

Industry type: Electronics

Key Products & Services: Medical devices and electronics.

Geography of Operations: USA


The client wanted to develop an up-to-date data acquisition system for remote and village health centers, where medical data can be stored on the cloud and analyzed by expert/specialized doctors who live far away. The requirements were the following: trustful transmission and storage of data, flexibility, connectivity options, cost factor and ease of use. They came to Utah Tech Labs for one complete solution.


Our specialists suggested developing one based on multichannel ECG. Their ability of providing unique capabilities in continuous, real-time, and non-invasive tracking of the physiological markers of users can provide insights into the performance and health of individuals. It offers the accessibility to multiple reliable electrophysiological signals, which can be recorded continuously. So, the following solution was designed: a full Data Acquisition system for the client’s medical electronic application, where the data can be stored on both MMC/SD cards and the Cloud.

The features and functionalities

ARM cortex

Used to collect the data.

MMC/SD cards

Possibility to store medical data on MMC/SD cards.

Cloud Data

That can be used by specialized doctors to analyze medical records.

Various locations

The system allows to gather and transmit the data from any small center in real time.

Business Impact

The company has seen success in offering the product to medical centres. They highlight high speed, easy application and usage of the system in practice. It has significantly improved their business performance as well as the quality of medical services in village/remote health care of their region and beyond.

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