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Case Study


Drift is our groundbreaking ASMR device designed to help you find tranquility and balance in your daily life. If you're feeling stressed or seeking a way to enhance your mindfulness practice, Drift provides the perfect solution. Experience increased relaxation, improved mood, heightened creativity, and better focus with our state-of-the-art device.

Client's Background

Industry type: Health & Wellness

Key Products & Services: Sandscape, Air purifiers, humidifier devices

Equipment Geography of Operations:Worldwide


While our current generation of Drift offers various sand patterns, there is room for improvement. The device currently connects through Bluetooth, but we aim to upgrade its connectivity to include Wi-Fi. We're working on launching our next-generation Drift device that will feature enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, audio and video capabilities, customizable sand patterns, and a user-friendly interface for people of all ages.


Utah Tech Labs embarked on this project to deliver an even more enriched experience for Drift customers. With the Gen 2 device, users can create their own preferred patterns, connect via Wi-Fi, and enjoy an elevated sense of relaxation and tranquility..

The features and functionalities

Wi-Fi connectivity

The upgraded app now offers Wi-Fi connectivity, providing a more seamless and reliable connection compared to the previous Bluetooth-only option.

Enhanced ASMR Library

The app includes an extensive library of ASMR audio and video content to help users find their ideal relaxation stimuli. Features varies from audio, lights, video and breathing options and are tailored to your preferences.

User-generated patterns

The app introduces a new level of personalization with the ability to create custom sand patterns. Users can draw their own unique designs directly on the app, tailoring the visual experience to their preferences and mood.

Breathing cycle

The app incorporates a feature that guides users through various breathing cycles, designed to help them achieve deeper relaxation and manage stress more effectively.

Business Impact

With this advanced technology and the introduction of personalized features, Drift is next-generation device has the potential to revolutionize the wellness industry. The advanced features as user-generated patterns enhance customer satisfaction and increase overall user engagement, positioning the company as a market leader in the wellness industry. This innovation not only strengthens the brand image but also has the potential to drive increased revenue and growth.

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