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Case Study

Daily Doubleloons

A new application for world’s real treasure hunt.

Client's Background

Year: 2022

Industry type: Mobile game

Key Products & Services: Physical and virtual treasure hunts, business advertising

Geography of Operations: Egypt, worldwide


The aim of the project was to introduce a worldwide new real treasure hunt experience that would help businesses to expand, attract new audience and increase their revenues, amplify guests’ experience and draw in new demographics. The client came to us for the development of an ultimate app solution that would support GPS, purchasing and many other features needed to bring this truly new and unique approach to the treasure hunt experience to both physical and virtual worlds.

About the solution

Our app developers & designers worked closely with the client and within a short period of time delivered the Daily Doubloons app, available on both GooglePlay and AppStore. We designed three different playing modes business owners or individuals can choose from - host, group host, and player – according to their specific business needs. When users upload the app they go to the map page and search all the teardrops or use the search bar for points where there are treasures and their levels. Then, they can click on them and follow the treasure hunts that interest them, getting a notice every time there is another clue posted. Furthermore, the app allows the participants to find real treasures, win real prizes, virtually or at a physical treasure hunting spot, while businesses are invited to use this opportunity for growth and attracting new clients.

The features and functionalities

Treasure hunt experiences in the chosen locations

Create real-life treasure hunts for your friends, employees or general public. The app uses GPS, various locators, geo fences, directions, bonuses, and user-friendly purchasing features.

Physical, virtual, or progressive

A business or an individual can choose between the three types of treasure hunts, making it open or explicit (via invitation).


The feature allows its users to compete with their friends in the number of treasures found and codes unlocked, adding some group engagement.

Real prizes

Virtual Doubloons app offers real prizes for those who have a keen sailing eye! They might look like like Amazon gift cards, PayPal credit, vouchers and much more!

Business Impact

The solution provided by Utah Tech Labs specialists has helped the client to bring his idea into life and offer the unique treasure hunt experience to businesses worldwide. Satisfaction beyond expectations with the app’s advanced features, personalized interface, and modern design.

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