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Case Study


Eptisa is a multinational company specialized in engineering, consultancy, information technologies and institutional, economic, and social development. Utah Tech Lab had a chance to help the business optimize their employee management.

Client's Background

Industry type: IT, engineering

Key Products & Services: engineering, consultancy, information technology services

Geography of Operations: Across the globe


The company had been present in the market for years, when they realized that with the increasing demand for their services, they needed to automate some of their management processes and dedicate more time to their customer’s needs. They decided to start from optimizing and improving their staff management and came to Utah Tech Labs to find out how.


That is when and where their web-based employee management system was developed. It includes various features. For example, using the system, workers can manage their regular timesheets and the application generates monthly invoices. It also enables them to ask for money reimbursement or apply for a trip. The travel application supports all types of trips: one-way, round, and multi-city options. After the submission, every application can be approved or rejected by their manager.

The features and functionalities

Automatic monthly invoices

No more delays or calculation mistakes.

Improved employee’s communication

The feature makes it easier for the employees to organize or exchange their working timesheets.

Easy reimbursements

No need to call and wait, submitting an application is enough

Business Impact

Thanks to the alternative employees management solution, Eptisa has improved their company’s internal communication and managed to rapidly and effectively respond to the increasing demand for their services.

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