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Case Study


Find the EdgeCity between the real world and the metaverse.

Project Background

Project type : virtual environment, 3D world

Year : 2022

Key words : metaverse, VR, Web3 ecosystem

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About the project

MaisonDAO is an ultimate virtual 3D environment built on Web3 ecosystem. Users can create their own 3D scan avatars with their mobile phones in just 2 minutes, dress them in their favorite brands, mint them and send directly to the metaverse.

What’s in

In EdgeCity art and fashion creators can own personal artlands, host exhibitions, music concerts, fashion shows, and other VR events. Furthermore, the explorers are rewarded with NFTs for their participation in the life of Edgecity, while also having access to limited editions of digital fashion/streetwear, avatars, virtual estate and more on a partner marketplace.

Key features

WebGL 2.0

It is easy join MaisonDao even from browser, which makes it much more accessible.

Trade NFTs

Buy&sell NFTs without limits inside Edgecity.

High engagement

With voice communication and chat function available.


Create amazing digital fashion, art collections and virtual estate for the community.

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