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Case Study

“Wearable” watch

The creation and advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technology specifically for wearable gadgets.

Client's Background

Industry type: Electronics

Key Products & Services: Small-and medium-sized electronic devices.

Geography of Operations: Worldwide


The client had trouble finding a trustworthy team of IoT experts for their project. Their idea was to create a wearable, watch-like gadget that could be used for daily activities. It would have several features, such as the ability to monitor body temperature and heart rate, detect abrupt falls, and send out alerts. The intention was to gather data, process it on the cloud, and then be able to move it to different devices.


Our group opted to construct the device using a Cortex MO controller, incorporating HRM functionality and integrating temperature sensors along with accelerometers. This wearable device gathers information, transmitting it via LoRa (Long Range) Wide Area Network. The data is then stored and routinely analyzed on a backend system. Additionally, the device offers basic health insights and, if necessary, can initiate a call for emergency support.

The features and functionalities

LoRa technology for long-distance communication.

868 MHz is the frequency under 1 GHz.

dependable power supply

uses a tiny lithium-ion battery to operate

Low power usage

Low-power LoRa devices consume very little energy.

creation of prototypes

taking part in the entire design process.

Business Impact

Wearable technology's increased popularity and sales can be attributed to its interoperability with a wide range of external applications. The client gave Utah Tech Labs high marks for their outstanding work. Consumers have highlighted the device's long-lasting battery, extensive health analytics, stylish design, and simplicity of use.

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