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Case Study

Touchscreen Parking Kiosk

These days, innovative solutions are commonplace, offering a wide range of parking payment machines and different ways that let customers finish their transactions quickly and easily.

One of our most spectacular custom hardware development projects is this one. This parking kiosk with a touch screen is both modern and useful.

Client's Background

Industry type: Computer Technology, IoT, M2M background

Key Products & Services: Parking kiosks

Geography of Operations: USA


It is essential to be flexible and give customers more options in order to meet the changing needs of the market and industry. The customer has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy parking kiosk manufacturer and distributor over the course of many years. They recently decided to upgrade their machinery. Their goal was to present the market with a parking management system that was both affordable and visually appealing, while also being inventive, modern, and adaptable.


Our IoT and hardware-focused team started the project by carefully listening to our clients' needs and looking over their target market. We suggested a feature-rich, easy-to-use system that would save running expenses. ARM, FPGA, and SoC technologies are all integrated into this custom hardware, which is being developed in real time in San Francisco. It has an attractive design, a touch screen interface, and sophisticated features.

The features and functionalities

Entire Process of Product Development

starting with the basic concept for the design and moving forward through product planning to the final hardware release.

Modern Structure and Design

robust, impenetrable shell with a striking appearance.

Establishment and Remote Supervisory Services

providing a highly effective, customized solution.

Advanced Application Development

Making sure the user can operate quickly and easily has been prioritized.

Business Impact

The company has seen an increase in sales of its modern parking kiosks since introducing a number of payment options. These kiosks ensure maximum convenience in payment processing without compromising style by providing user-friendly interfaces in a compact design

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