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Case Study

Tosh Inc

A solution for assessing credit for a significant industrial and lending services provider with the goal of switching from a set of business rules to a risk-based approach to decision-making.

Client's Background

Industry type: Industrial Services

Key Products & Services: Commercial Support, financial services

Geography of Operations: USA

Challenges Encountered

Tosh Inc. created a sophisticated database system by combining data from outside sources—such as credit rating agencies and anti-fraud organizations—with their own customer information. They understood how crucial it was to carefully filter, process, and compile this data using the right technological tools. As a result, Tosh Inc. sought Utah Tech Labs' assistance in developing software that could predict future events. They looked for responses to particular questions, such as:

  • How likely is it that a client with perfect credit will miss payments?
  • For every dollar invested, what is the anticipated return on investment?
  • What is the likelihood that a client will come back once they have paid back their loan in full?


After a thorough analysis of the industry and its legal environment, the Utah Tech Labs team has determined a number of tools that are perfect for managing Tosh Inc.'s data processing. These include, among other things, techniques like gradient boosting, decision trees, logistic regression, and random forests.

Moreover, we acknowledge the crucial importance of deployment. While having a proprietary method is useful, its actual worth is only realized when it is used efficiently and generates income. As a result, we put a lot of effort into identifying and evaluating the best deployment strategies.

The features and functionalities

Making Use of Cloud Technology

This method provides better functionality and increases scalability and capability. Because there is less need for maintenance, it drastically reduces the costs related to internal staff and computer infrastructure.

Integration of APIs

This system provides complete reliability in feedback delivery while ensuring the safe transmission and processing of data.

Operational Systems Automated

These systems have error correction built in that reduces or eliminates the need for manual handling, and they are intended for both predictive and immediate diagnostics.

Simplified Loan Services for Customers

These services are intended to be stress-free and require very little work from the clients.

Impact on Business Performance

  • Default rates dropped, from 12% to a more manageable 8%.
  • Dollar loans became significantly more profitable, rising from 18% to an astounding 32%.
  • Business profits increased significantly overall, surpassing $25 million.

By utilizing cloud technology, integrating APIs, and automating processes, Tosh Inc. has successfully reduced processing efforts while improving customer satisfaction. This has made it possible for consumers to quickly and easily obtain loans, whether they do so online or in-person at physical retail establishments.

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