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Case Study

Fleetsmanager > Properus

A mobile application created by Utah Tech Labs is intended for Lithuanian logistics and carrier companies. These companies can monitor the whereabouts of their drivers in real time thanks to this app, which guarantees effective and timely delivery services.

Client's Background

Industry type: Logistics and carrier

Key Products & Services: Cargo transportation

Geography of Operations: Vilnius and Lithuania

Number of Employees: 21

Company Location: Lithuania (Eastern Europe)


The company specializes in safe, quick freight transportation throughout Lithuania and within Vilnius. But as workloads mounted, they ran into problems with ineffective manual procedures for scheduling, assigning tasks, and managing data. These procedures were getting clumsier and more time-consuming. Their objective was to put in place a system that could provide automated solutions and aggregate client and driver data.

Planning delivery routes for numerous vehicles was a daily task that took logistics managers anywhere from two to six hours. Furthermore, the management team was devoting multiple hours daily to communication and issue resolution.

The business looked for a technology solution to deal with these issues. Their goal was to improve the overall experience for and ease the operational challenges they were facing.


UTL created a concept for an advanced logistics application that was customized for their business after analyzing the unique requirements. While providing extra features, this app would handle and store vital data, such as specifics about their personnel, fleet, and warehouses. The strategy included:

Unlimited service listing

Entrepreneurs possess the ability to present a wide array of services that they provide through their comprehensive service catalog.

Optimizing Intelligent Delivery

Businesses can optimize daily deliveries with the help of the sophisticated "Fleets Manager" algorithm, potentially resulting in a 21% increase in revenue.

Panel for Centralized Management

This feature makes it possible to effortlessly oversee a variety of tasks, from client requests to assignments, and more.

Effective Assignment Assignment

The FleetsManager system makes it easier to distribute tasks manually or automatically while taking the driver's workload and current position into account. This invention greatly lessens the difficulty and strain of task delegation.

Personalized Mobile Alerts

Personalized push notifications on their mobile devices will keep your clients interested.

Smooth GPS Operation

Finding delivery locations quickly is made easier by this integration.

Updates via SMS instantly

Through the app, customers can receive real-time SMS updates regarding the status of their orders.

Real-time tracking

Real-time delivery process monitoring is made possible by Live Order Tracking, which provides the most recent information on the delivery's anticipated arrival time.

Delivery confirmation

Fleet managers use an application that gives drivers the ability to take customer signatures and use GPS to verify their location when making deliveries. Additionally, the app lets drivers take pictures to use as proof, which improves and guarantees higher customer satisfaction.

Business Impact

The company greatly enhanced its logistics and transportation operations by utilizing UTL's expertise. This improvement resulted in the settlement of current problems, an increase in customers, and an improvement in operational effectiveness. There are no more hiccups in communication or incomplete updates for the company. Real-time tracking and improved route planning have improved the level of service. Transparency is also ensured by promptly informing clients of any schedule changes or emergencies.

We had a major role in raising the company's bar for customer service. We achieved previously unheard-of levels of efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining and revolutionizing their warehouse management and monitoring procedures.

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