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Case Study

Park’N Fly

Stress Free parking

Client's Background

Industry type : Parking and transportation

Key Products & Services : Parking and shuttle services

Geography of Operations : USA, worldwide


Airport parking often presents a paradox where being close does not guarantee ease. Passengers typically face the ordeal of searching for a parking spot, dragging their baggage over long distances, and dealing with steep parking charges. The goal of our client's initiative was to devise a straightforward remedy for this issue. They envisioned a user-friendly system and app that would offer information on the closest parking spaces and immediate pick-up services. This was the objective they presented to us at Utah Tech Labs.


A resolution was achieved, leading to the development of the Park n’ Fly platform, complemented by a versatile mobile app. Park 'N Fly has expanded its services to include not only airport parking but also features like online booking, manual vehicle cleaning and comprehensive auto care, Jiffy Lube vehicle maintenance services, high-end pet accommodation through Pet Paradise Resorts, and electric vehicle charging facilities powered by eVgo. Additionally, it offers valet and covered parking options, baggage check-in, flight check-in kiosks, a renowned Frequent Parker loyalty program, and exceptional customer support. The entire system operates efficiently and seamlessly, allowing for real-time booking and monitoring through a single application.

The features and functionalities

Effortless Experience

Simplify your parking experience

Combination of Technologies

Constantly updated and efficient mobile application

Monitoring Capabilities

Customers have the ability to monitor their parking or shuttle situation whenever needed

Expansive Reach

This business has expanded its operations across over 15 states.

Business Impact

The business excelled in introducing their innovative intelligent service to consumers. They are renowned for delivering exceptional service and ease through their online platform. As their clients often remark, the service offers significantly more value with minimal effort and no inconvenience.

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