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Case Study


Race against your friends or other players online in the real-life inspired locations of Somalia. Choose your favorite politician and support the presidential candidate that you like!

Game Background

Game type : Racing game

Year : 2021

Key words : racing, politics, league, competition

About the game

The Pinnacle of Camel Racing Games. This game provides an array of modes, allowing for personalized character designs, exhilarating speed boosters, and a variety of tough challenges. Players in MAANDEEQ have the option to select from three different gaming modes, engage in time-limited seasonal competitions, earn exciting prizes, and strive to ascend the global leaderboard.

What’s in

  • Select a political leader you admire and show support for your preferred candidate for president.
  • Personalize your characters by altering their attire, including headwear and footwear, as well as customizing the flags and saddles on your camels.
  • Experiment with different scoring systems based on the competition you're participating in.
  • Opt for diverse gameplay options, including Global Tour Career, Time Trials, and Competitive Tournaments.
  • Engage in seasonal challenges, numerous stages, and a variety of prizes.

Main Characteristics

Adaptable Design

Players have the liberty to personalize their avatars, camels, and various other aspects, as well as select their desired racing venues.

Competitive Leaderboards

The game features intense tournaments, a star-based rating mechanism, and a worldwide evolving leaderboard.

Multilingual Support

MAANDEEQ expands globally, offering players a choice among a variety of languages.

Cloud-Based Save Feature

The game includes a cloud save feature, enabling players to save their progress on cloud servers and access the game across different devices.

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