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Case Study


Find the EdgeCity between the real world and the metaverse.

Project Background

Project type : virtual environment, 3D world

Year : 2022

Key words : metaverse, VR, Web3 ecosystem

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Project Overview

MaisonDAO represents a premier 3D virtual world within the Web3 framework. It allows individuals to quickly generate 3D-scanned avatars using their smartphones in merely two minutes. These avatars can be customized with preferred fashion labels, turned into digital assets, and seamlessly integrated into the metaverse.

What’s in

In the virtual environment of EdgeCity, artists and fashion designers have the opportunity to possess their own unique art territories. They can organize various virtual reality events such as art exhibits, live music performances, fashion displays, and more. Additionally, participants in EdgeCity's vibrant community activities are compensated with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They also gain access to exclusive digital fashion and streetwear collections, avatars, virtual real estate, and additional items available through an associated marketplace.

Main Characteristics:

WebGL 2.0 Technology

Experience seamless access to MaisonDao directly through your web browser, enhancing its overall reach and user-friendliness.

NFT Marketplace

Engage in unrestricted trading of NFTs within the confines of Edgecity.

Enhanced User Interaction

Benefit from the integration of voice chat and text messaging features for improved communication.

Partnership Opportunities

Partake in the creation of exceptional digital fashion pieces, art collections, and virtual properties designed for the community.

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