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Case Study

Keyless Smart Locks

Internet of Things (IoT) technology applied in the control and management of keyless locking systems.

Client's Background

Industry type: Computer Technology

Key Products & Services: BLE based products and solutions

Geography of Operations: USA


The customer wanted to create Keyless Smart Locks with a lot of features, like an integrated impact alarm, and hardware that looks good. Apart from that, we also wanted to make sure that this smart lock would be the simplest to use and install out of all the smart locks that have been made before.

Proposed Approach

Our recommendation involves the implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. BLE incorporates various security protocols which serve to authenticate and authorize devices, alongside ensuring data encryption and privacy. These measures are critical in preventing unauthorized access to devices. Furthermore, Bluetooth technology secures the transmission of data between connected devices, significantly enhancing the protection against unauthorized interception and access to confidential information.

The features and functionalities


Smart, user-friendly, and effective, guaranteeing the safety of belongings.


Compact, useful, and efficient with space.


greatly reduces power consumption by operating without requiring constant internet connectivity.

Telecom applications

With the use of communication technology, signals can be sent between two locations clearly and continuously without interference from outside sources.

Business Impact

Working together, we successfully developed and introduced a product that lives up to our client's expectations. It is cleverly designed, effective, and easy to use. It has swiftly emerged as a client favorite thanks to its chic and modern appeal.

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