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Case Study

House of Marley

Marley Bluetooth portable speakers are crafted with a focus on sustainability and superior audio performance. Constructed from environmentally friendly materials, they deliver a rich, clear sound accompanied by robust bass. The latest app enables you to link all your speakers through Bluetooth and tailor your music experience.

Client's Background

Industry type: Electronics industry

Key Products & Services: Bluetooth speakers & headphones

Equipment Geography of Operations: Worldwide


House of Marley is encountering the distinct obstacle of managing separate applications for each device. The objective is to consolidate all Bluetooth devices into a single, inclusive app. Due to the variety of chipsets used across different devices, there is a significant effort underway to develop an application capable of smoothly interfacing with each one. The goal is to offer a straightforward, user-centric interface that links all House of Marley Bluetooth devices, ensuring a uniform user experience.


Our group has developed a user-friendly interface, offering a seamless way for users to manage all their House of Marley devices. This application enables connection of devices through Bluetooth, and allows users to adjust equalizer settings, active noise cancellation, ambience levels, and to set up personalized presets, enhancing their audio experience.

The features and functionalities

Personalized Music Settings:

Through the House of Marley application, users have the flexibility to tailor music settings. It's possible to fine-tune the equalizer, adjust active noise cancellation (ANC), and ambient sound levels. These personalized adjustments can be saved as presets, ensuring a consistent and customized listening experience across various devices.

Unified Audio Control:

A significant advancement for audio enthusiasts, this feature allows comprehensive control over audio settings from a single platform. It simplifies the user experience by offering a cohesive interface compatible with all House of Marley Bluetooth devices.

Adjustable ANC and Ambient Sound:

The app provides options for Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound adjustments. Users have the freedom to set the desired level of noise cancellation and regulate the amount of surrounding noise they prefer. This functionality grants users total control over their listening environment, enabling a tailor-made music experience.

Sustainable Materials:

The House of Marley speakers are constructed using environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, recycled plastics, and organic cotton. This dedication to eco-friendly practices means users can enjoy high-quality audio while contributing to a smaller ecological footprint.

Business Impact

Implementing environmentally friendly materials and the consolidated House of Marley application has greatly influenced the company's market standing. Adopting a sustainable strategy has set House of Marley apart from its rivals, and the integrated app has simplified customer interaction. These attributes are crucial in building a devoted clientele and have played a significant role in the brand's achievements in the audio equipment industry.

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