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Case Study


With operations throughout the world, Eptisa provides skills in IT, engineering, consulting, and promoting societal, institutional, and economic advancement. They recently worked with Utah Tech Lab to improve their personnel management strategy.

Client's Background

Industry type: IT, engineering

Key Products & Services: engineering, consultancy, information technology services

Geography of Operations: Across the globe


The company had been in the business for a while before realizing that it needed to change to meet the increasing demand from customers for what it was offering. The organization realized that it was critical to concentrate more on customer needs and that some management tasks needed to be automated. They decided to start this change by improving their people management techniques, which prompted them to look to Utah Tech Labs for assistance.


It was at that precise moment and location that their online employee management system was developed. There are many features available on this system. It can be used by staff members to monitor their daily timesheets, and it generates invoices automatically once a month. It also offers an option for staff members to submit travel requests and requests for reimbursement. The travel plan options supported by the system include one-way, round-trip, and multi-city trips. A request must go through a process before their manager can decide whether to approve it or not.

The features and functionalities

Monthly billing that is consistent

Bid farewell to computation errors and late payments.

Improved Staff Communication

This tool makes it easier for employees to share and manage their schedules.

Simplified Procedure for Reimbursement

Don't bother making calls; submitting an application is sufficient.

Business Impact

Eptisa has improved its internal communication capabilities by employing a novel approach to staff management, which has allowed them to respond quickly and effectively to the increasing demand for their services.

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