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Case Study


Drift, our innovative ASMR gadget, is crafted to bring serenity and equilibrium into your everyday routine. For those battling stress or looking to augment their mindfulness regimen, Drift offers an ideal remedy. Enjoy enhanced calmness, uplifted spirits, boosted creativity, and sharper concentration through our advanced technology.

Client's Background

Industry type: Health & Wellness

Key Products & Services: Sandscape, Air purifiers, humidifier devices

Equipment Geography of Operations:Worldwide


Presently, the existing model of Drift showcases a range of sand designs, yet there's potential for enhancement. This version operates with Bluetooth connectivity; however, our goal is to expand this by incorporating Wi-Fi. Efforts are underway to introduce an advanced version of the Drift, which will boast improved Bluetooth features, audio and video functions, a variety of customizable sand designs, and an interface that is easy to use for individuals across different age groups.


Utah Tech Labs initiated this venture with the aim of enhancing the overall experience for users of Drift. The upgraded Gen 2 model allows individuals to customize patterns to their liking, offers Wi-Fi connectivity, and promises a heightened level of calm and serenity.

The features and functionalities

Wi-Fi Integration

The latest version of the application now supports Wi-Fi, enhancing its connectivity for a more stable and efficient user experience. This is a significant improvement over the former Bluetooth-only mode.

Expanded ASMR Collection

A comprehensive collection of ASMR materials, including audio, lighting effects, video, and customizable breathing exercises, is included in the app. This feature helps users discover the perfect relaxation tools suited to their individual tastes.

Customizable Sand Patterns

A novel feature of the app is the ability for users to design their own sand patterns. This interactive element allows individuals to express their creativity and modify their visual environment according to their mood and preferences.

Breathing Exercise Guide

The application now offers a guided breathing function, aimed at assisting users in achieving a state of deeper relaxation and more effective stress management. This tool provides various breathing techniques to enhance the user's relaxation experience.

Market Influence

The innovative design and customized functionalities of Drift's latest device could significantly transform the wellness sector. Its cutting-edge capabilities, including the ability for users to create their own patterns, are likely to boost client contentment and heighten user involvement. Such developments could establish Drift as a frontrunner in the wellness market. This breakthrough not only bolsters the company's brand reputation but also holds the promise of propelling revenue growth and business expansion.

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