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Case Study


Assist Dot in achieving its objective by coding each step of its journey.

Game Background

Game type : Puzzle, Arcade, Simulation

Year : 2021

Key words : programming, coding, simulation, robots

Regarding the Game

Dotbot is an engaging and simple-to-play puzzle and arcade-style simulation game. This game cleverly demonstrates programming concepts through its Dotbot mechanics, making the learning process both enjoyable and captivating. You'll have the opportunity to program your own robots, tackle unique puzzles, and explore various solutions. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey that will test and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

What’s in

The game features various stages, each presenting unique challenges and paths to navigate. Players are tasked with successfully guiding their character to the end without exhausting their moves or falling off the map. The character can perform several actions: advance, leap, rotate right, rotate left, and halt. These actions can be timed from 0 to 5 seconds and repeated as needed.

  • Strategize your route to the finish line;
  • Code your strategy;
  • Implement your programming.

Key features

Acquire New Abilities

Enhance your coding abilities and sharpen your logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Interactive Challenges

Design dynamic platforms and strategically plan your movements to progress.

Diverse Strategies

Discover the most efficient method to complete a stage while minimizing the use of commands.

Suitable for All

This game is engaging and appropriate for a broad range of age groups.

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