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Case Study

Data acquisition system

The goal of our creative project is to create a system for gathering data from medical equipment.

Client's Background

Industry type: Medicine

Key Products & Services: Medical Services

Geography of Operations: USA


Developing a unified data acquisition (DAQ) system and a documentation strategy were the tasks at hand. This was necessary to effectively monitor, record, and store physiological data. The system had to collect and evaluate data from other equipment and GE patient monitors in an efficient manner.


Our suggestion was to build a specialized medical device data acquisition system with a universal interface in order to incorporate data from separate medical devices into the hospital's information system. We used widely available microcomputer design tools to create this interface. The system featured easy-to-use menus for selecting tasks, presenting data in charts and tables, and producing printed results.

The features and functionalities

Making Use of ARM7 Technology

This method is intended to gather and store data on SD and MMC memory cards.

Quick Diagnose Ability

allows data from four channels to be displayed on an LCD screen, speeding up diagnostic procedures.

USB Data Transfer

utilizes a vendor class driver to transmit data through USB connectivity in an efficient manner.

Support for Drivers and Software

consists of a WBM driver and a Windows program created in Visual Basic (VB) that support vendor class functionality.

Business Impact

The company has made substantial improvements to its data collection techniques. As a result, medical services and data handling have become more efficient and accurate, which benefits patients as well as healthcare providers in many ways.

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