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Case Study

Daily Doubleloons

A new application for world’s real treasure hunt.

Client's Background

Year: 2022

Industry type: Mobile game

Key Products & Services: Physical and virtual treasure hunts, business advertising

Geography of Operations: Egypt, worldwide


The project's goal was to launch an innovative global real treasure hunt that could assist companies in growing, appealing to new customers, and boosting their income. It also sought to enhance the experience of visitors and appeal to different audience segments. The client approached us to create a comprehensive application that would incorporate GPS, transaction capabilities, and other essential functionalities. This app was designed to revolutionize the treasure hunting adventure, merging both physical and digital realms in a novel and exciting way.

About the solution

In collaboration with our client, our team of app developers and designers swiftly created the Daily Doubloons app, now available on GooglePlay and AppStore. The app offers three distinct modes of play - host, group host, and player - tailored to suit the unique requirements of businesses or individual users. Upon downloading the app, users land on a map page where they can explore various 'teardrops' or utilize the search function to locate points of interest with treasures and their respective levels. By selecting these points, users can engage in various treasure hunts, receiving notifications for new clues as they are posted. The app also enables users to discover actual treasures and win tangible prizes, either virtually or at designated treasure hunt locations. Additionally, this platform presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to expand and attract new customers.

The features and functionalities

Explore and Discover: Engaging Treasure Hunt Adventures

Embark on exciting treasure hunt adventures in your preferred locations. This application integrates GPS technology, a variety of tracking methods, geo-fencing, clear directions, reward systems, and seamless purchase options.

Choose Your Adventure Style

Whether you're an individual or a business, select from three distinct treasure hunt formats: physical, digital, or a blended approach. Opt for an open invitation style or a more exclusive, invitation-only event.

Engage in Friendly Rivalry

Engage with friends or colleagues in a fun competition to see who can uncover the most treasures and decipher codes. This feature fosters group interaction and friendly competition.

Win Actual Rewards

The Virtual Doubloons application rewards successful participants with tangible prizes. Keep an eye out for rewards such as Amazon gift cards, PayPal credits, vouchers, and many other exciting prizes!

Corporate Influence

Utah Tech Labs experts crafted a solution that enabled the client to realize their concept, offering a distinctive treasure hunt adventure to companies around the globe. The client was exceptionally pleased with the application's innovative functions, customized user interface, and contemporary style.

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