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Case Study

Cure Commando

Secure the city from the outbreak and protect its inhabitants using your iOS or Android device. This critically acclaimed arcade-style game is developed by Utah Tech Labs.

Game Background

Game type : Arcade

Year : 2021

Key words : infection control, save the city, command, save and cure people, various stages

About the project

The city is engulfed in a haze of purple clouds, leading to an alarming increase in illness among its inhabitants. The responsibility to combat this crisis falls on you, armed with an innovative and potent vaccine.

Embark on a revolutionary journey with 'Curecommando', marking a groundbreaking chapter in the realm of 3D arcade games. This game features exceptionally captivating visuals and intricately designed levels that span multiple stages.

As the savior of the city, the fate of its people rests in your capable hands. Embrace your role as the Cure Commando!

Here's a rephrased version of the content that maintains the original meaning but is sufficiently different to avoid plagiarism:

Phase 1

Initiate with understanding virus control strategies. Equip individuals with masks and ensure safety in outdoor environments.

Inspect and regulate common outdoor spots like hotdog stands, ice-cream kiosks, and cafes.

Engage in various beginner tutorials to quickly master techniques such as deploying “gas clouds” and “masking up”.

Phase 2

Raise the stakes by overseeing public health in large shopping centers.

Progress through levels to access distinct shopping centers, each with their special points of interest (POIs).

Conclude the beginner phase with a final tutorial introducing a complex, asymptomatic group.

Phase 3

Manage infection control while enjoying rides like ferris wheels and roller coasters in an Amusement Park.

This stage is more intricate, comprising an increased number of levels to intensify the challenge.

Achieve your objectives and strive for more by enhancing your character's abilities and capacities.

Phase 4

Embark on the most demanding segment, involving extensive areas encompassing subway entrances, street stores, pedestrian crossings, and more.

A plethora of POIs and pathways may divert the player, increasing the difficulty of identifying infected individuals and monitoring the POIs.

Experience our newly integrated, beautifully designed metropolitan decorations, portraying a densely populated urban landscape.

Key features

Over 60 different levels

Set in a range of diverse environments

High-end visual effects

To ensure complete immersion

Oversight of staff

Players have complete management authority

Enhancement options

Opportunities to improve both the protagonist and the environment

Utah Tech Labs’ game development

At Utah Tech Labs, our dedicated team specializes in creating innovative and interactive gaming interfaces tailored to our audience's preferences. Our expertise extends to crafting top-tier games for various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and desktop, with a focus on 3D, 2D, and VR game design and development.

We handle a wide range of projects, from mobile games to those suited for more advanced devices. Our approach is to take unique concepts and elevate them with the most fitting and standout features. We are driven by the belief that incorporating gaming elements can enhance any application or system, not only making them more enjoyable but also improving current methodologies and uncovering new possibilities.

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