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Case Study

Broad Reach

Streamlining cross-border transportation. Offering shipping and delivery services from the USA to Canada.

Client's Background

Client’s name: Broad Reach

Industry type:International logistics

Key Products & Services: International shipments and Deliveries

Geography of Operations:USA, Canada

Year: 2022

Key words: on-demand logistics, e-commerce, international delivery


Broad Reach approached us seeking to create a dependable and budget-friendly network for delivery services stretching from the United States to Canada and other international destinations.

The process of handing off deliveries multiple times and the unpredictability of transit durations added extra challenges and pressure for customers in Canada, store owners in the US, and their staff. With shipping and customs rules frequently shifting and differing across various areas, managing these aspects became increasingly complex. This situation was further complicated by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address these issues and excel in their industry under these new circumstances, the client identified a significant need for a technological overhaul.


We developed various web applications tailored for clients, administrative staff, and company personnel. A fully functional REST API is available, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate with our services.

In collaboration with Broad Reach, we conducted an in-depth analysis to identify existing challenges, obstacles, and evolving trends within the industry. Our joint efforts were concentrated on enhancing the international shipping process, ensuring adherence to global regulations and customs laws. We also prioritized personalized tracking solutions, efficient and cost-effective transportation methods, and dependable network connections.

Key features and functionalities

Instantaneous Monitoring and Alerts

Complete oversight of delivery status.

Simplified Management of Deliveries

Efficient arrangement of storage facilities, transportation providers, and overall logistics.

Streamlined Customs Processes

Regular updates to align with current customs laws and regulations.

Utilization of AWS and Elastic Beanstalk for Database and Storage

Constructed on a highly adaptable and secure cloud computing framework.

Redis Cache Storage Implementation

Enhances the speed of data retrieval, boosts overall throughput, and reduces strain on both the database and application.

Enhanced API Integration

Leverages REST API for updating shipment statuses and establishing connections.

Business Outcome:

Our collaboration, combining the client's expertise in logistics with our profound technology insights, yielded remarkable outcomes.

The development of new web applications significantly enhanced their international delivery services, widely used by numerous marketplace sellers and retailers. These enhancements resulted in increased security, efficiency in both time and costs.

Furthermore, the company has experienced enhancements in smooth operations, precision in order fulfillment, and consistency in shipping.

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