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Case Study

Flipclasses > BMI

A unique educational management system for BMI School has been developed by Utah Tech Labs. This system is capable of managing all aspects of educational administration, such as managing teachers, administering exams, conducting virtual classrooms, and full courses.

Client's Background

Industry type: Corporate training

Key Products & Services: Executive MBA degree for ambitious managers and entrepreneurs

Geography of Operations: Brussels, Belgium

Number of Employees: 30


This organization has been providing educational programs all over the world for over 20 years. As it grew, it became necessary to improve its training strategy by combining traditional teaching techniques with eLearning solutions. The features they aimed to incorporate included class creation, assignment distribution, quiz administration, online training, continuous assessment procedures, automated reporting for both individuals and groups, and more.

Administrative work turned out to be difficult and time-consuming. The logistics of sending faculty members abroad and the price of renting conference spaces were substantial. Finding appropriate locations that satisfied all standards for relaxed classroom behavior was also difficult.

The business stated that it wanted to implement an advanced learning platform as a response to these difficulties. This action was intended to address the challenges they


After having a lengthy conversation to fully grasp their requirements, UTL developed a plan to build an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) that would compile all of the instructional materials into a cloud-based repository. Flipclasses is a unique resource that is great for training, education, and general learning. This includes:

Streamlined Content Administration

Simplifying the process of producing and disseminating content on our platform is our main objective.

Quick registration of learners

The platform allows quick registration. Admin can assign them to a specific program/course through a single click.

Enrolling Learners Without Effort

Quick student enrollment is made possible by our system. With a single click, administrators can quickly assign them to particular programs or courses.

Improved Features for Course Creation

Administrators and course developers have exclusive access to the platform, which gives them the ability to design courses, set up sessions, and oversee course materials.

The Portal for Teachers

Instructors can organize their teaching resources and prepare materials by logging into the platform. Through the platform, they can interact with students in their individual classes as well.

Monitoring of Progress

The platform can track each student's progress in training and exams individually as well as the overall classes' progress.

System of Mutual Feedback

Trainers and students can share feedback with each other on our platform.

Strong Access Control

Multiple trainer accounts can be created by administrators and linked to different programs. Trainers have access to reports, learners, and content related to the program they are assigned. The course materials are also available to learners.

Mobile-Friendly Video Instruction

iOS and Android mobile applications help sales teams and technicians by making daily tasks and reporting easier. Corporate headquarters and branches can access data uploaded through these apps. Faculty members can also conduct live video training sessions for up to 20 students at a time using this platform.

Business Impact

The company was able to successfully implement online learning sessions in multiple locations with the help of UTL, which eliminated the need for faculty travel and the need to find conference spaces and accommodations for instructors. Among the outcomes were:

  • Consistent distribution of training resources, independent of the quantity of courses or students enrolled.
  • Training that is more affordable because there are savings on travel, conference room rentals, and instructor housing.
  • Consolidated, conveniently accessible data/information for educators, administrators, and students, displayed on panels for each group.
  • Automation leads to improved decision-making and more perceptive reporting.
  • The "all-in-one" strategy saved a lot of time by enabling the worldwide delivery of training and courses.

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